6 Anti-Stress Tips: How to stay relaxed this holiday season

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6 Anti-Stress Tips: How to stay relaxed this holiday season

When does Christmas start for you? Already in November, when the streets shine in warm glittering light, chimney air from the chimneys settles like a haze over the houses? When the clouds fill with snow, the water in the pond freezes into ice, the sky turns pink-red-purple-orange and casts its spell on everyone. Or not until the Christmas markets open, it's zap dark outside at 4pm and there's the smell of speculoos, mulled wine and fresh fir trees? We want to give you anti-Stress-Here are some tips to help you stay relaxed this holiday season.

Anti-stress: stop and go inside

Because like every year, Christmas comes out of nowhere for many of us. Didn't we just finish the tender summer evening in a cosy round outside in the garden? Whew. Appointments with friends and doctor's appointments are definitely already being targeted for the new year. We'd like to pause with you for a moment. Anti-stress. Stop. Stop. Breathe. What do you feel? What do you feel? In this restless time, what song carries you through the days like a feather? What is your best memory of Christmas? Let them come to life in front of your eyes!

Exercise to relax

Have you ever wondered how you start your day in the morning? Is there a fixed Morning Routinethat already makes you relax? Even before you open your eyes, consciously work on arriving in your body. There are wonderful anti-stress exercises for this. One of the most beautiful ways to get more in touch with yourself again is to Meditation. We have here for you a short relaxationMeditationYou can start the day with this exercise in the morning or end the day with it. If you want to center yourself and arrive in the here and now, do this exercise three times in a row:

Inhale: I'm here.

Exhale: Now.

Anti-stress: 6 tips for slowing down

A feeling only stays with us for a maximum of three minutes unless we hold on to it. If a situation makes you sad, angry, disappointed or afraid, allow yourself to feel the feeling. After three to five minutes, look at the situation again and ask yourself, "Can I change it right now?" If no: then leave it at that. If yes, then change the situation now. Feel free to ask yourself what phrase in your head often wakes you up in the morning? Is it deep gratitude, or do you feel immediately driven, in the do-er, and going through the to-do list of the day...? We would like to give you 6 anti-stress tips on how you can look forward to Christmas in a relaxed manner and, above all, find time for yourself:

  1. Rest, walk in the woods or by the lake take a walk and try just being. Without any expectations that everything always has to go perfectly.
  2. Start thinking about who you want to give something to for Christmas this year in late October or early November. Then create a Shopping list.
  3. Make a conscious effort to be less distracted by your phone. Put it away in the evening and set it directly to Flight mode. Direct your attention to things that nourish you.
  4. Do you know PQQ? The substance with the long name pyrroloquinoline quinone is found, for example, in parsley, kiwi or green peppers. PQQ causes our body's cells to... more energy produce.
  5. Take a day off in the run-up to Christmas, where you can simply lie in bed or let yourself be pampered with a massage or relax at the Wellness warm it up.
  6. If you don't know where your head is at the moment, sort through your thoughts by To-Do Lists your life. It's best to create one for each week or occasion.

Last Minute Gift Tips

Chances are we just caught you in the act and you're still gift hunting. Perfect! A day out for two always sounds sizzling. Or a sightseeing tour. Or something really special: a trip you get to go on alone or with your loved ones. Where you can grow together. And recharge your batteries, take away impressions and gain insights. Give yourself a present or give away a ticket for the world's largest further education festival by GEDANKENtanken. Take the chance now if you are ready for a Change in your life and secure your ticket for our "GEDANKENtanken Festival" from May 27 to 29, 2021 in Cologne. Look forward to three days with more than 200 top speakers, 100 stages, 40,000m2, stage space, intensive workshops, various music acts and celebrate with us the world's largest festival for personal development! We are looking forward to you.

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