99 weeks of coaching with Dr. Stefan Frädrich: A journey to yourself

There are always situations in life that present us with new challenges. For some, it can be the journey to work in a crowded train. For the other, speaking in front of a large crowd. But for Sandra Reekers it is climbing. "I'm totally untalented in sports," has been her creed so far. But she never dreamed that the 38-year-old would be gifted with so many insights because she simply left her comfort zone. Climbing is one point on her extremely extensive bucket list - a homework assignment in the second week of coaching at the 99 weeks coaching program with Dr. Stefan Frädrich.

 99 weeks of coaching: "I have a completely different energy and presence".

With the topic Personal development Sandra Reekers has been preoccupied for a long time. "But never in such depth and intensity as now. I have consciously chosen the big challenge for myself. Curiosity has won out over what the 99 weeks of coaching will do to me and my business", she tells Greator magazine in an interview. "Since then - in the 20 weeks that I have been there - so many things have changed in my daily life. This fact alone pushes me tremendously to keep at it. At work I have a completely different energy and presence. At the same time I have also asked myself the question, what I don't want anymore? What doesn't suit me anymore? I am very excited about my further journey. Definitely I have already gained many new experiences and changed my perspective.

You are the creator of your life 

This is also true, for example, of her old belief "I'm not athletic": like a nimble squirrel, the special needs teacher suddenly hung 16 metres high! "That's a great feeling. My whole body trembles. For one thing, because I have so much adrenalin in me. And because climbing today has given me so many new impulses for my life: To look at myself more, not to be distracted by who is doing what left and right of me and above all to act. To act quickly.

Because there is sometimes hardly any time for big brooding about which foot I am putting where now. I'm so proud of myself for taking this chance today!" Sandra wants to keep gaining new experiences, go out and put them into practice. "I love facing situations like today. Especially when I realized earlier that I created this amazing moment for myself." In general, before the 99 weeks of coaching, Sandra would never have entered a climbing gym.

99 weeks of coaching: result after 16 weeks 

In other coaching sessions of four to eight weeks Sandra had learned and absorbed a lot, but the motivation to put this into practice in everyday life was soon gone. Because she was fixed in her old routine and in the usual rut. "The 99 weeks of coaching is the biggest challenge in my life so far - with wonderful results after only a few weeks: I have gained more focus and clarity in many areas - how does motivation work, how can I deal with setbacks and get a greater sense of personal responsibility?

 "I live my life much more intensely"

The Bochum native is grateful for the great Facebook group for the 99-week coaching programme. There you don't only meet people who have the same interests as you, but who also give you great new impulses. A program that addresses all areas of life. "The weekly task with the folding rule at the very beginning of the program will show you how much you still have ahead of you. I'm thrilled. I'm living my life much more intensely thanks to this insight!"

"Take the next step now!"

Sandra currently has no idea where she will be at the end of her 99 weeks of coaching. After all, she has only just scratched a little bit in her personal development. "For anyone who wants to take the next step in their life, take it." And if you like, we'll help you do it. Take your first step with the 99 weeks coaching program with Dr. Stefan Frädrich. Feel free to tell us about your journey to yourself - your experiences, progress and successes.

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