This is an absolute heart project of ours. With Greator we want to make a positive international impact and do something good in the world - and you can join in now! 

For many years we have maintained close, friendly contact with Dr. Auma Obama and her foundation. In the meantime this has developed into a wonderful cooperation. 

It is a great honour for us to support the Sauti Kuu Foundation with the Greator Community.

Helping wherever possible!

The Kenyan sociologist, journalist and author established the foundation "Sauti Kuu" (Kiswahili for "strong voices") a few years ago. This organization has impressed us from the very first moment with its mission statements and initiatives.

It helps children and young people in Kenya to find ways and create structures that help them - psychologically, socially and financially - to become independent.

And that is currently more important than ever before.

Almost half of Kenya's population is now under 15 years of age. Many of those who live in the cities live in slums, well below the poverty line. But many also live in poverty in the countryside. According to Welthungerhilfe 37.9 % of the children suffer from chronic malnutrition. They often completely lack access to health, education or social services. That is why Sauti Kuu helps children from exactly these areas to recognize the strength of their own voice. With new strength and self-confidence, they should be able to use local resources and make something of their lives.

Dr. Auma Obama attaches particular importance to communicating to young people that they do not have to be victims of the social system or their environment. She says:

Young people should understand that they can take their fate into their own hands. They then realize that they can achieve much more if they themselves participate. They are motivated and work hard. They just need the opportunities and our support.

Dr. Auma Obama

We have a common vision

With Greator we want to support people to live their own potential. We focus all our actions on accompanying people on their individual path to self-realization. We want to make personal development accessible for EVERYONE - worldwide. 

Sauti Kuu conveys exactly this conviction in Kenya.

That is why it quickly became clear to us: we must pull together to make our vision of "self-realization for everyone" internationally possible.

Greator in Kenya

On October 15, 2019, the first time it happened: We travelled to Kenya for one week to get an impression of the situation on site. We took some of our best coaches with us and tackled with our own hands where our help was needed. 

Our managing directors Dr. Stefan Frädrich and Alexander Müller, together with Daniel Aminati, Silvia Doberenz and Tim Taxis, have held workshops for more self-confidence with the children.

And our experiences were really impressive: we saw, felt and experienced the attitude to life with which the children and young people grow up and how Sauti Kuu's work bears fruit - these children are given real prospects and skills to stand on their own two feet in their country.

The concept of Sauti Kuu is based on 4 pillars

To achieve its goals, Sauti Kuu has developed a 4-pillar concept. These pillars are precisely tailored to the needs of Kenyan children and young people. We fully support this concept and would therefore like to explain briefly what lies behind these pillars:


"Only the children themselves can shape their future"

Sauti Kuu supports the young people in the development of various skills such as personality development, self-esteem, trust, empathy, tolerance, teamwork, decision making and much more. In teaching these skills, Sauti Kuu places particular emphasis on the positive effects of sport. It is used to break down cultural and social barriers. Sport also acts as a powerful medium for engaging and effectively mobilising a large number of young people. Targeted character-building workshops also ensure that young people can finally admit to themselves that they have the right to lead a better life - and to make use of this right.



"Graduating from high school opens doors"

Through Sauti Kuu, children from the poorest backgrounds are given the opportunity to attend a secondary school and graduate with a school leaving certificate that would otherwise be almost impossible. In addition, young people who obtain an above-average school-leaving certificate are given the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship at a college, vocational school or university. The completion of the training opens the door to a paid job for the young people.



"Use the available resources for a self-determined existence"

Food shortages are a major problem in rural areas of Kenya, largely because agriculture is not very widespread, especially as a source of income. Many young people flee the countryside to the cities in the hope of a better life. This is a fatal fallacy, because most people there live in slums in poverty. Sauti Kuu specifically supports people in rural areas to recognise and use the resources available locally to improve their living situation. To this end, the organisation shows smallholder families how to make the best possible use of their land while acting in an ecologically responsible manner. Under the projects 'Grow to Eat' and 'Grow to Earn' they learn how to compost and the basics of organic farming. The core message behind this pillar is: "Use what you have to get what you need".



The main objective of Sauti Kuu is to create an environment that enables holistic growth and development of children and young people.

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