Be brave and strong - this is how you overcome your fear

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Be brave and strong - this is how you overcome your fear

Some people have real courage. The things they can do! And you feel like a scaredy-cat because you have stage fright. Your friends say: "Be brave and strong." Easy for them to say, they don't know what you're like. Nevertheless, you shouldn't take refuge in the role of fearfulness. You can learn to be braver and stronger.

Introduction: Why should you be brave and strong?

Be courageous and strong - this request seems banal to you and doesn't get you anywhere. What does that even mean? What is courage?

Some people seem to be born alpha animals: courageous and fearless. Others shy away from challenges. Strictly speaking, however, you can only be courageous if you Fear have. Because the Overcoming your fears prove your courage.

Be courageous and strong, which means: dare to fight your own demons fight. Venture out of your comfort zone. Don't withdraw if something doesn't go as planned.

There are many good reasons to be courageous: You can make better decisions and decide for yourself what to do. You free yourself from your everyday routine and face the unknown. This makes you more resilient and much more self-confident.

What does "be courageous and strong" mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, at Joshua 1:9, stands:

"Did I not command you: Be courageous and strong! So do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

The Lord exclaimed this sentence when Joshua lost his courage in the face of so many difficult tasks. He wanted to strengthen Joshua in his faith and encourage him. No matter how difficult the situation looks: You too can tackle your personal problems. It may be that we humans are fallible and we don't succeed at everything. But the encouraged Joshua strove to lead his life as he was told to.

You can apply this story to your difficulties: this is how the Belief Set to an inspiration that leads you to your goal.

be brave and strong and do not be afraid

5 steps on how to be courageous and strong in everyday life

If you shy away from something, the others just say: "Be brave and strong." If only it were that simple!

It may not be easy, but you can learn. It's definitely worth becoming braver. With useful Tips for more courage you will find out how to get stronger step by step.

  1. Start with small tasks. Also with the Sports you don't start with the most difficult task straight away, but work your way up in stages. Present your paper to a few friends before you go in front of a large group. Practice talking to a single person before you get involved in discussions with several people.
  2. Don't let previous defeats weaken you. Use negative experiences to learn from them. Free yourself from the bad Feeling and focus on the future: you can determine more things yourself than you think.
  3. Recognize your own abilities. But also admit when you are afraid. Assess the situation correctly and think about what you can do best. Think calmly: Courage does not mean recklessness. Believe in your strengths: they help you to master unknown problems.
  4. Concrete plans help you to overcome difficulties. Are you worried about a situation? If you know what to do, you will make better progress. Be brave and strong, you can also tell yourself that, like a Mantra. How to get closer to your goals.
  5. Find inspiration. Who do you admire? You probably know people who have achieved something special. Even successful people have crises from time to time and need new courage. When you recognize this, you immediately feel more motivated.

How can you develop courage and strength through coaching?

The "Be brave and strong" is often not enough to overcome one's usual fears and to overcome the Leave comfort zone. You may need a life coach. It shows you how to overcome your fears.

Coaching deals with positive beliefs and other strategies designed to improve your self-confidence. Often, it's not just about gaining more inner strength and inner bastard to overcome. Also a Communication training can be part of it.

Be courageous and strong: inspiration from the baptism motto

The phrase "Be courageous and strong" is a popular baptism motto because it contains direct encouragement. Added to this is the intense faith to which it refers. This is what makes the words that God addresses to Joshua so inspiring. In difficult phases of life, you like to think back to the time when everything was much easier. Who doesn't sometimes wish they could go back to their childhood?

Belief in God gives you a lot of courage and strength. But even atheists and agnostics often feel an inner voice that encourages them. Whether you believe in God or not, you can cheer yourself and other people up with the words "be courageous and strong".

Be brave and strong and don't be afraid: overcoming fears

With a lot of courage, you can overcome obstacles and fears. But how do you do it? With the right strategies, even great fear can be overcome. Be brave and strong - and face your fear.

There are many risks, as you well know. That's often the problem. If you are aware of the dangers lurking everywhere, you can quickly become anxious. If you dare to do it anyway, then you've taken an important step forward. This is precisely how you prove that you are brave. If you're not afraid at all, you don't actually have to be brave.

There is a lot of motivation in the phrase "be brave and strong". If you Develop courage and strengthyou can overcome hurdles. Do you shy away from speaking in front of an audience? Just try it in a small circle first. Are you sometimes afraid of heights? Try climbing the observation tower anyway. But don't let yourself be pressured or persuaded: it also takes courage to say no and not give in to peer pressure.

Be brave and strong - ask strangers for directions or explain to your boss why you would rather work in a different team. Tell your family what you don't like. Live a self-determined life and find a way to overcome your inner fears.

Courage and strength in personal development

Courageous, strong people often come across as very mature. Do you want to be braver and stronger? That's a good plan, because it will help you develop further. Being brave and strong also means working on yourself. Grow with your possibilities.

Playing a role in personality development Courage and mental strength plays a major role. If you understand yourself better, you can overcome your weaknesses. accept - and perhaps turn them into strengths.

Be courageous and strong - be prepared to act according to your own convictions. Resistance does not have to be an obstacle. Accept the challenges and don't be discouraged. Learn from your experiences and see your mistakes as steps on the way to greater self-confidence.

Examples of courage and strength: stories that inspire

The stories of courageous people seem to tell you: be brave and strong. In fact, there are many reports that tell you Encourage.

This is not about daring. A bungee jump or other adventures have nothing to do with real courage. It's much braver to talk about your feelings. Do you find it difficult to say "I love you"? Then be brave and strong - and take the plunge.

Do you have to overcome yourself to do something specific? Sign up for a presentation, explain why you like this particular book so much, approach other people or travel alone. These are all opportunities to train and show your courage.

Conclusion: Your path to more courage and strength

Courageous people are afraid. It sounds paradoxical, but it is fear that awakens your inner strength and courage. Be courageous and strong - and let a Coaching show you how to do this. You can develop yourself further and triumph over your fear.

If you Show courage you need a positive mindset. With Greator you win more Trust in yourself. You become more optimistic, but not blind to dangers. You learn to better assess yourself and the risks. Mindfulness and a positive mindset help you to become more courageous.


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