Beate Glöser: "Live your dream and find your why!"

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Do you know your why? Do you feel like there's so much more to you? And would you love to know what it takes to get everything you want in life? "I have been working with people and businesses for over ten years. Together, we've achieved so many goals," shares Beate Glöser. In October she stood at the "New Faces Night" on the Volksbühne at Rudolfplatz. "Today I would like to give you my three principles on the following question: What do you need to get what you want? To be successful, have fun and live beautiful relationships?

Many people do not know their why

Two essential aspects have struck Beate Glöser in her work with people:

  1. Many do not even know what they want. They have discarded their dreams.
  2. When people know their desires, nevertheless, quite a lot plays against them.

"I didn't ask for the Why?”

"Poland. 1986. I was born there. I am a cheerful girl. Full of energy. In class, the geography teacher is telling boring things. Meanwhile, I sit in the back row with my friend Anna. We giggle and tell each other stories. Then suddenly the teacher catches us and summons me to the front. I'm supposed to hold out my hands. I did not ask Why? She hits my fingers with the ruler in front of my classmates. On and on. I think: Be strong. Don't show weakness. It's not right. A tear runs down my cheek. With my head down, I walk back to my seat. My hands are red, partly bleeding. In that moment, I made a decision: I'll blend in. Be quiet. And do what others want me to do. I've been doing this for many years..."

"I had lost sight of my why"

Who or what situation is preventing you from getting where you want to go today? "Have you ever asked yourself this question?" Beate Glöser asks her listeners. "If you're always being told what to do, you eventually forget what you want. You no longer know what really matters in life. When I was asked after graduation what I actually wanted to be, I didn't know. The fact that I was already Beate wasn't enough, apparently. I couldn't even answer what my hobbies were or what I was interested in. Thus, I came to the point where I thought to myself: It can't be!" Beate had lost sight of her why.

Recognize your needs

Remember your childhood again. When you were little and had dreams. "Children are always in a good mood. They are wonderful. Perfect beings. And how often do the little ones get to hear from us adults what they have to accomplish... Have you ever wondered what it means when you dissatisfied are? I see it as a signal. A signal for a need," Beate is convinced.

Example: If you...

  1. you want to eat, you're hungry.
  2. you want to drink, you're thirsty.
  3. You want sex, you're horny.

"My why was blocked by beliefs".

These are basic needs! "We're allowed to have them. But: You have to know what you want! For the first 20 years of my life, I was conformist. I did what others wanted. For the next 20 years of my life, I searched for what I wanted. But I found a way. I found my why. I'd like to share that experience with you:

  1. Recognize your needs: You've probably been envious before. What if that envy is just an emotion that you're allowed to feel? That no one judges you for. I've started to observe myself when I want something. When you feel envy in a moment, listen inside yourself for the need behind it. Write it down.
  2. Take the challenge: I started with NLP over ten years ago and many other seminars and trainings. But somehow I always had the Belief Set on: You can't do it. You can't do it. Until I decided to just let myself do what I wanted. I learned to turn my head off more and more. The further you go, the more steps you take, you'll realize that you're still alive. Because you'll still face those uncertain situations when you're successful.
  3. Radiate joy: If another person is successful, then rejoice with him! But with all your heart. When you radiate joy, you attract them to you.
  4. Your why: At so many seminars, I've always been told: You must have a why. But I didn't know what I wanted at the time. And even more so, I didn't have an answer to my why. What if I just wanted something for myself? Like recognition?"

"My why is fun and recognition"

Beate's why is fun and appreciation. "And that's fine. So I started my business. My next why evolved: I'm on stage, talking, and other people are listening to me. I had never experienced that feeling before in my life. Who am I doing this for? First and foremost, for me. But with my work I also help others. So here are my three principles:

  1. You don't have to know your why from the beginning
  2. Acknowledge what you already have. You are wonderful - just the way you are!
  3. Become the person who has already achieved the goal. What does it take in terms of actions and feelings for you to achieve what you want? You don't even have to know exactly what you want. The answer comes to you.

This brings you a lot of lightness and joy. Only think positive is not enough. Act!"


You are not on earth to be average. Even in you there is still the little childthat wants to be loved and embraced. Keep reminding yourself of that. If you want to move something, you have to move!


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