Children's meditation: How little ones learn to deal with feelings

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Children's meditation: How little ones learn to deal with feelings

Hand on heart: Who of us does not know sentences like "Be strong!", "An Indian knows no pain", "Don't make such a fuss", "Crying is only for the weak" or "No pain, no gain"? We have all been confronted with such statements in our lives. Mostly already early in childhood. And what comes out of it in us? Beliefsthat regulate and determine us, that make us think: "I am not good enough, there is no unconditional love, no one sees me, I am alone...". Beliefs that shape us, that we act and live by. Unconsciously we pass them on to our children because we have not learned otherwise. Children's meditations can help children to deal with feelings.

Beliefs shape the way we think and act

"We are now living in a generation where more and more people want to dissolve their old ways of thinking and believing in order to finally be happy and fulfilled," experienced Christina Hommelsheim in her daily job as a coach. "Underneath the long-lived behavioural patterns lie a wide variety of desires such as self-love, mindfulness, being seen or lightness," explains the expert.

"Many of our beliefs were formed in our earliest childhood."

Christina Hommelsheim

"From birth until the age of seven, we absorb everything. If a child experiences little love during this phase, for example, it may develop the belief that it is not good enough," Christina Hommelsheim knows from her own experience.

Children meditation helps to deal with feelings

But what tools can parents give their offspring to learn to deal with anger, fear and grief at an early age? "For one thing, of course, by clarifying your issues as a mother or father. Your newfound clarity, with which new view you approach your children from now on, is not denied to them either. And on the other hand, there are wonderful children's meditations with which even the little ones can learn to deal with anger, fear or sadness!", recommends Christina.

Children's meditation: Fear, anger and sadness are allowed to be there

"How to turn fear, anger and sadness into joy," for example, is the children's meditation by Robert Betz. The transformational therapist wants to show six to twelve-year-olds in three different children's mediations that these feelings mean us no harm. "On the contrary, they want to be our friends to talk to for a while. Above all, these feelings want us to let them be there, to really feel and not run away from them - as some still do as adults," says Robert Betz.

Children's meditation - create an oasis of well-being for your child

"Troubled children, in particular, are totally open to Meditations"Sandra Reekers, a qualified remedial teacher, knows, "because it helps them to become more and more calm. A tidy children's room in the evening is conducive to this, she says, in order to create a sense of security and calm.

You would also like to meditate with your child, but don't know how? Sandra Rekers knows a great exercise that also helps with restless children and that you can easily integrate into your daily routine as a bedtime ritual. "The next time your child is supposed to go to sleep, tuck him or her in and put a stuffed animal on his or her tummy. Now your son or daughter should consciously pay attention to how their belly rises and falls - because just as the waves in the sea go up and down, so too does their breathing go in and out!", explains the trained educator.

Children's meditation from the age of four

Sandra Reekers practices this daily with children from the age of four in kindergartens, in the open all-day area of schools or workshops for the disabled. "Whether in individual lessons or in a group, I always start fantasy and dream journeys with movement units," she says. Sandra Reekers. "In the children's meditation form, I first have the little participants breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth. Then they may put their hands on their belly to better feel their own breathing and listen to where in their body they can still feel their own breath."

The sleep and relaxation therapist pursues a special matter of the heart: "I give children tools with which they can express their anger, fear or sadness. Because they belong to each of us and may be felt."

You see, meditation is a wonderful tool, for young and old. It helps you, but also your child:

  1. decelerate
  2. visualize your dreams
  3. transform your thoughts and beliefs
  4. that you're going soft
  5. too clarity
  6. to inner peace

Hero story: How meditation helped Manuel ignite his full potential

Until recently, Manuel was a good student. But for some time now, hardly a week went by without his parents being summoned for a serious talk with the school principal. For many months, Manuel's parents did not know how to act.

What could have led to such a change in his school performance and behavior? Manuel's parents saw no other way out than to consult a well-known psychologist. He advised them to do a children's meditation. At first, Manuel's parents were very skeptical. "Does meditation really work?" they asked themselves.

But after a few weeks, both of them could notice a clear change in their son. Manuel seemed much clearer, calmer and more focused. At the next parent-teacher conference, Manuel's parents received high praise for his behavior in class. Finally, Manuel was able to live to his full potential with the help of meditation. The meditations strengthened his self-esteem and brought him back to his center. Meditating gave him inner peace.

To inner clarity through a life vision

Meditations are a very important part of our Greator coach training. If children can engage with it so beautifully, why not us adults?

If you want to learn more about meditation, if you are burning to draw clarity into your life, then we have something great for you: You are in control of your own change. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you want to develop - and which possibilities you want to tackle!

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