Christian Bischoff: Becoming unstoppable in life

We humans develop fastest when we deal with ourselves in a focused and intensive way, without distraction. Experiences also sometimes change our subconscious rapidly. These experiences can really push us and strengthen us in what we wish and dream. Every now and then, however, there are negative experiences. And there they are, the self-doubts, which demotivate and slow us down.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be! Christian BischoffA successful personality trainer, keynote speaker and life coach knows: "We make ourselves smaller than we really deserve throughout our lives. This is where we often fail. But a law of life says: If we give other people positive things, we always tend to get them back, only with a time delay. All you have to do is question and resolve your self-doubt. How does that work? Christian Bischoff will tell you in this magazine article!

3 competencies to become unstoppable

Don't you sometimes wish you could reach for the stars? To be thrown off course by nothing and no one? To be unstoppable? Christian Bischoff: "To be unstoppable means to carry through what you have started. To realize the goals that you have set yourself. No matter what happens!" To do this, you need the following three core competencies:

  1. Overcome your self-doubt
  2. Develop an unstoppable mindset
  3. Experience life

Christian Bischoff explains step by step how to overcome your self-doubt, develop an unstoppable mindset and experience the life you desire and shape yourself.

1. conquer your self-doubt

Many people spend their whole lives telling themselves that they're not good enough. They have doubts and feelings of shame. Does that sound familiar? Is that self-doubt? Christian Bischoff says: "There is no self-doubt! All self-doubts are doubts of other people you've allowed to implant themselves in your subconscious and from there systematically sabotage your success."

Most of the time these doubts come from our past, from our childhood or from certain events that have shaped us. But instead of constantly analyzing where these self-doubts come from, just leave them behind! Tell yourself that it is nice that you exist. When you have conquered your self-doubt, you can move on to the second step.

2. develop an unstoppable mindset

Everywhere there is talk of the mindset. But what exactly is it? Christian Bischoff describes a mindset as "the thoughts you think, the convictions you have, the deep faith you have in yourself, your life and the world. Often it is not other people or events that prevent our success. Often we block ourselves through wrong thinking - through a bad mindset.

A small example from the expert: "Those who love can be deceived. But he who does not love deceives himself. Please do not miss the most beautiful thing in life, love, out of self-protection. Of course, those who love always take the risk of being hurt. But love should not stay in your heart. Love is love only when you share it." From now on, don't let self-doubt bother you. Aim for the stars and land on the moon. From today, you're gonna change the world!

Christian Bischoff: "The truth is: If you do not stop yourself, nothing and nobody can stop you! Unstoppability begins in the mind. In the second step you have to anchor this attitude in your subconscious. As soon as you develop an unstoppable minimum, the following will happen: You will become more and more energetic! Why? Because your body no longer needs this energy to cover fears. And you use this energy to get into action as quickly as possible. Because success is always doing. You have to experience this once to anchor it in your subconscious."

3. experience life

The last and also very relevant step to become unstoppable is: Experience life in its diversity. To do this, you must understand the archaic cross. Christian Bischoff: "The archaic cross is a life reality concept that shows you how life really is. On the vertical axis is your life time. It begins with your birth and has the goal of developing into a wise, old ego. On the horizontal axis is the polarity of life. On the left side is the constancy of life. This includes things that we all need: security, routine, safety, belonging, family, love, harmony, peace, faithfulness.

We all need the components on the left side of the archaic cross. But there is also a right side and that is the wild side of life. This includes aspects such as variety, seduction, lust, play, war, hatred, the forbidden and impermanence. Both sides together form the totality of life. Christian Bischoff: "What is life about? It is about personal development into a wise, old self. Into a person who has fully experienced and lived through life and can therefore speak from experience. We all know it: In the end, it's not about achieving goals, but about what kind of person we become."

The archaic cross

But why do most people fail to develop into a wise, old self throughout their lives? Christian Bischoff knows the answer: "Because at some point in life we get stuck on one side of the archaic cross. Imagine a 40-year-old man who has been married for 20 years, has been doing the same job for 15 years, has two children, a semi-detached house and two cars. He has all the things of the left side of the archaic cross. Nevertheless, at some point he is completely empty inside, without drive, without energy, and thinks to himself: Why is my life so boring? Very simple: Because the right side of the archaic cross, the other component, is completely missing."

On the other hand, you can of course get lost at some point on the right side of the archaic cross. Imagine, for example, a rock star who plays in front of thousands of people every night. He is the superstar, is adored, and spends his nights partying, drinking, drug excesses and sex. Christian Bischoff knows: "If you stay on this side for too long, at some point you will be completely empty inside. We have often heard of suicide by such people. Why? Because even the right side of the archaic cross leads to emptiness in the long run."

Finding the golden mean

So what do we learn from this? Christian Bischoff: "To develop into an old, wise self, you have to live both sides of the cross! The tendency is: The younger you are, the more you are on the right side. The older we get, the more we switch to the left side." There are only two rules:

  1. All in good time
  2. Everything in the right measure

Christian Bischoff: "The archaic cross is a life reality concept that helps you to accept life as it really is. And which allows you to do two things: to have understanding for other people and to develop understanding for yourself." And now it's your turn: Create positive thoughts - and don't let others ever turn them into self-doubt again.

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