Christián Gálvez: "This is how good self-confidence is born".

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Christián Gálvez: "This is how good self-confidence is born".

Some people light up a room when they enter it. And some people light up a room when they leave it. One factor that makes us glow inside and brighten up the room is, for example, good self-confidence - knows Christián Gálvez. Let's take a look at children: Children have the gift of being able to face life with so much Self-confidence to counteract. Among adults, nine out of ten people wish they had better self-confidence in certain situations. People who were all once children. It seems there is an urgent need for action.

Christián Gálvez: "What is good self-confidence?"

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as good or bad self-confidence - at least according to Christián Gálvez. The expert is sure that there is only a braking and a beneficial, a strengthening and a weakening self-confidence. But how do you transform a slowing down, weakening self-confidence into a conducive, strengthening one? Christián Gálvez has the solution: "The emotional system must be reawakened. Because the same skills and abilities work very differently in a different light."

How can you improve your self-confidence?

Sometimes we fail at things because our skills are not enough. But most of the time, it's not because we lack skills, it's simply because our debilitating, slowing self-confidence gets in the way. To make sure this never happens to you again, Christián Gálvez reveals three instructive tips in the video.

1. stop repeating things that are not right

Please don't tell yourself things that weaken your self-confidence. People tend to believe something is true just because it is repeated. But some things are simply false - no matter how many times they are repeated. Instead, repeat things that make your Strengthen self-confidence. Pretty logical, right?

2. constantly question your self-confidence

Beware of using your character traits as if they were set in stone. Because in the vast majority of cases, what we perceive about ourselves is not true. Promotional self-confidence can only arise where we are aware of our best sides. Realize that you can be exactly the way you want to be!

3. visualize images that appeal to the mind

Take inspiring images with you into the night and make yourself aware that you can be so much more. The perfect moment to look at your best sides is just before you go to sleep. Because that's the moment that's most impactful for your psyche. It's time to tell yourself how good you really are!

Christián Gálvez: "Applaud yourself"

Christián Gálvez made an observation, "We expect our bosses, co-workers or life partners to applaud. But they don't." Therefore, always applaud yourself. Be happy and proud of what you embody and have achieved so far. Because then. you find fulfillment within! Christián Gálvez: "If your self-awareness is strengthened by something that takes place externally, for example, a car or a watch, then it is not self-aware, it is differently aware. Because it is generated by others and not by yourself. Self-confidence that makes us shine always happens on the inside."

Therefore, always focus on things that show your best. Want more tips? No problem, there are still some waiting for you in the video. And now it's your turn: brighten up the world around you a little more every day. Have fun with it!


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