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My name is Alice and for a long time I was a small, inconspicuous little light that didn't dare to grow to her full size.

My thoughts were dominated by self-doubt & fears and my ego driven by recognition on the outside.

Visibility and going for MY heart topic, my SOULBUSINESS was not to be thought of.

On the way away from the small fearful spark, to the burning flame I was allowed to dissolve some topics. Besides PERFECTIONISM, SMALLNESS, the FEAR OF FAILURE or FEAR OF FINANCIAL RUIN also the FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL SAY ABOUT ME, to name just a few ūüėČ

Last but not least, finally, the panic attacks and anxiety disorders that accompanied me for more than 12 years and prevented me from living a free, courageous life in confidence for a very long time.

If you find yourself in one of these thoughts and just remember that there is also a flame inside of you that is finally sparked wants to become, in turn, sparks again to ignite other sparks - then it is my absolute heart topicto accompany you in YOUR GROWTH FROM SPARK TO FLAME.

Finally dare to FEEL inside yourself what YOU ARE BURNING for. Do not hide any longer.

Together we create confidence in yourself and strengthen your self-esteem.

Finally live YOUR authentic self, which sees its vision crystal clear in front of its eyes and commits to 100% for it.

When you no longer want to sit nondescript and dimmed in your closet, but are NOW ready to stand up FOR YOU and your LIFE, ignited by the idea of being able to make a DIFFERENCE,

then I look forward to reading from you and getting to know you in an initial meeting ūüôā

Drop me a line or drop by my site directly as it feels right for you.

Under vitalice_coaching_ you can also find me on Instagram

Let us burn,


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