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Hello! It's nice that our paths have just crossed. Would you like to pause for a moment?

Then I'm happy to share a few thoughts with you.
DISCWhen am I going to get it right?"

That was the basic question that drove me throughout my life. Constantly striving to be well received by people, my everyday life was marked by struggle and rejection. In my perfectionism, I proceeded with harshness and condemnation to the point of hatred against my body and myself, - always hoping to eventually become flawless, and thus acceptable. But actually I wished for nothing more than to simply be loved and to feel the connection to myself and my environment again.

Through the Greator coach training I started to really get to know myself and build a relationship with myself. Today I meet myself with understanding, compassion and trust. In my life EVERYTHING has changed: my relationships, the way I deal with myself, with my feelings, with stress and with challenges, my field of activity, my resilience, the perception of my abilities and the desire to develop new ones ....

I live fulfilled and full of joy and curiosity for what is to come - with all the facets that life has to offer.

Do you resonate with my experience? And do you feel like getting to know yourself more deeply?
If you like, I will be happy to accompany you one step further on your journey to yourself.

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