Beatrix Zita Kirchheck

Beatrix Zita Kirchheck

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I love to accompany people on their way to themselves and to get excited about themselves. Seeing, hearing and holding the coachee emotionally I find very important. Before I started the coaching training at Greator, I went on an intensive Inner Works path with my coach and got to know a lot of constellation work in addition to live and online coaching. Besides Walter and Christina Hommelsheim, I was inspired by my coach Maria Aurora Linde, Robert Betz, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Christina von Dreien. Thus spirituality, meditation and vision work have become important parts of my life. The phrase "Life is always for you!" is one of my favorite affirmations because it makes it clear that everything we encounter in life holds a gift and moves us forward. I have a degree in business education and would also like to use coaching to help reshape education.

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