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Daniel Peter

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A lot is possible if you set your mind to it.

Through the Greator coach training I was allowed/needed to stand still. Out of doing and into feeling. This allowed me to get to know myself in a new way. To be mindful with myself. Perceive my needs and stand up for them. To perceive the signals of the body and to respect them. To make conscious decisions and integrate them into my life. I am happy to see how my relationship with my wife has grown in depth over the last few months. How we can exchange ideas at eye level. Working together at work and private contacts have gained in value for me. I stand up for myself and don't make myself small anymore. I could discuss everything with my parents.

Today I am convinced that all these experiences have made me richer. I feel ready to accompany you on your path. Open-hearted, compassionate and authentic, I will gladly accompany you. With every step you dare and do, you come closer to your vision.

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