Heike Scheppe

Heike Scheppe

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Phone+49160 6341311

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Coach since2019

Hello, and good to have you here. Heart over head, or head over heart? For many years of my life I was very much in my head and far away from my feelings and intuition. My focus was mainly on performance and my job. A few years ago, strong physical symptoms made me realign my life. I started to work intensively on personal development and completed the training to become a Greator coach. This way I found access to my feelings again and opened up to my dreams again. My life has changed positively as a result. 

I know today that we are all creators of our lives and happiness is a choice. Everything is within you. Learn to know and develop the potential that lies within you. I will gladly accompany you as a coach with your issues and your journey into your inner self. 

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