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Hello you wonderful person,
nice that you drop by me, that's no coincidence u. now already many thanks for the minute you give me and especially you. With my emphatic and sensitive nature, I will gladly support you to take the next step. I know from personal experience, it costs a little overcoming the first to go and seek help. You have landed here, so the decision is already made. And believe me, it is worth it.
For years, I was unhappy, dissatisfied and did not really have warm and deep relationships with people. The relationship with yourself, with your parents and with all your fellow human beings is such a gift, which must first be unwrapped. Step by step, the wrapping paper, which symbolizes all your emotional experiences, may be unwrapped at your own pace.
Are you worth it first? I believe in you. So decide now. Best regards from your coach Jörg

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