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Lydia Stollmayer

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Coach since2021

Over the years I have been able to gain a wide range of experience in various fields of activity (medicine, family, voluntary work, school, school pastoral care, mentoring, supervision and coaching).
My own life path brought me to the Greator training. I was allowed to learn to show myself as I am - with heart - and not only with the mind (head).
Today, as a trained supervisor, coach and organizational consultant DGSv and as a trained Greator coach, I bring people into their potential. I am empathic and listen well. My clients, with their concerns, are important to me.
I help you to discover your own path, to activate your potentials and to implement them successfully. If you can live your strengths, you are in your power and a benefit for others, for yourself and for the organization. I have experienced this myself.
Living more joyfully and happily can be so much easier than you think.

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