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Marie Thimm

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Phone+49 176 819 816 79

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Coach since2020

You wish to live a fulfilled life, to live your dreams and to accept yourself just as you are? To finally release the handbrake, to leave your doubts behind and to meet yourself and life full of joy, intuitively, curiously and in deepest trust? From my own experience I can tell you that it is worthwhile to go on a journey to yourself and to deal with your own issues. To break through limitations that no longer serve you and to let the seemingly impossible become possible. For me it took a while to fully engage with my life and my path. From the moment I allowed myself to believe in my dreams again, everything I had lost along the way came back: the joy of life, the curiosity and the scent of freedom. So began my journey into the world of personal development. And suddenly I was given so much more: to accept myself as I really am, to discover my femininity, a healthy body and a tireless strength to live and love myself and my potential. This is exactly what I want to pass on and encourage you to allow yourself to be yourself more and more and to meet yourself with curiosity. And so it has become my heart's desire to accompany people into their unique beauty and into their full potential. I love to support you with my loving and clear way to live your dreams, to explore and master the path to yourself and your uniqueness. Everything you need for this is already within you.

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