Markus Zechner

Markus Zechner

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AddressRaaba, Austria

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Coach since2021

YOU are the superstar of YOUR life!
Because there is a superstar in EVERY person - including YOU.
You just have to discover it and live it.

I am happy to be able to support you with the methods of the Greator coach training as well as my own "best of" of my long-term change process, to appear stronger, braver and more self-confident with your own strengths and abilities in many areas of life and thus to generate enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for yourself, your environment, your life, your goals & visions!

I myself often felt worthless, unloved and helpless in my childhood and adolescence. I constantly told myself: no one is interested in me, no one likes me and I'm not good enough anyway.
However, I have managed to leave these shackles of the past behind me and have now been on stage for over 20 years, inspiring people with my energy as a musician, presenter and speaker!

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