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For 24 years, all I did was function. I struggled through my life & felt like I was trapped in a hamster wheel. My body tried to make me understand for years that I can't go on like this. But for a long time I wouldn't listen to it. Until I was forced to stop.
All of a sudden, questions came up that I didn't know the answer to.
Who am I? What do I actually want?
Why am I in the world?
I realized that I had lost access to myself, always fulfilled expectations and pursued the goals of others. I began to deal intensively with personality development and to get to know myself, my strengths, interests, needs & dreams. I cleaned up my past & my life piece by piece and came more and more into my potential.
I am convinced that our world would be a better & more peaceful world if more people lived to their full potential.
I will gladly support you on your way!

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