Sarah Lehnen

Sarah Lehnen

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Phone+49 163 2562033

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Coach since2017

"It can't go on like this, something has to change...I just don't know what and more importantly how!" 

We all need support now and then in our lives. In such situations I would like to offer you exactly that. And I do so at eye level, without judgement, in a trusting, protected setting. It is especially important to me to respect the person sitting across from me and their very individual situation and life experience. To pick up the person exactly where he or she is and to accompany him or her on his or her path - a path towards joy of life, lightness and love - that is what matters to me. It's time to step out of the doing, the accomplishment, the effort, the working off of to-do let go of the desire for recognition, appreciation and praise and to live again the life you want and what you are here for! 

Your time to do this is right NOW!

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