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Four years ago, after several unpleasant life crises, I set out to find myself. I asked myself the question: "What is it that keeps making my life so difficult? This can't be true!". I really wanted to understand what things on the outside had to do with me and my inner world. I realized that what happens to me CAN'T happen by chance. There HAD to be a deep reason for it. During my training as a Greator Life Coach, I was then able to find so many valuable and life-changing answers IN ME. I realized over time that I was able to learn something from every challenge. By far the most important learning is that everything in my life is for me, even if it doesn't seem that way at first. Getting to know and love yourself better is the key to positive change. I am very happy to accompany you on the way there. From the bottom of my heart your Viola

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