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Coaching: Become your most beautiful version!

Coaching - a term that appears more and more often in advertisements and becomes a topic of conversation. But what does coaching involve? How does coaching work, when is it used and what benefits does it bring? These questions will be answered in this article.

Your will to change

Dissatisfaction is an unpleasant companion in life. And once the dissatisfaction has settled in you, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of it yourself. Stress levels rise, various problems accumulate. You are stressed and face different problems? Maybe you are dissatisfied with your overall situation and want to change something, but your will is not strong enough? Do you wish for a fulfilled life? Do you want to broaden your perspectives in order to be authentic and successful in your professional life? The desire for satisfaction and success is there - only the "how" is currently holding you back. For now.

Visualize your goals in coaching

This is exactly the point in your life where coaching can help you. Coaching is an English term and means translated as follows Life Training. And just like in sports you train in coaching, visualize your goals and to realize it. Because with the help of this great support, you can start exactly where you haven't made progress so far. Because in coaching, your personal development is the focus of attention!

Your will is a prerequisite for change

In order to bring about developments and changes, however, it is important that your inner attitude also changes. You must have the will to change something! Only pressure from the outside will not help you get ahead in the long run. If you are ready - if you really want to change something in your life, then you are on the right path. Otherwise you are standing in the way of yourself and thus also of the shaping of your life.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy

A coach is at your side and helps you to sort out your life and initiate change processes. This does not mean that you can sit back and wait for the advice of your coach. Because - and you should be aware of this: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. You will not (!) be told what to do by your coach during the coaching. Rather, he will inspire and motivate you to develop several strategies. This change is challenging. Because your old "I" will keep knocking here and there and try to put you to the test.

Suggestions for action from the coach

You will not be given any advice or prescribed actions during a coaching session. Instead, your coach will support you and work with you to visualize and implement your goals - with the help of various new success strategies and beliefs that may gradually manifest themselves in you.

Exploit your potential

Coaching can help you to facilitate your daily processes in life and to reach your full potential. You can learn to live out your personality - without your ego getting in the way. Because let's be honest - there is always room for improvement. But sometimes you face hurdles that seem insurmountable at first glance. What may seem like a curb to one person is like Mount Everest to another. This is where coaching can now show its first effect: Which path do you choose when new challenges come your way? Do you perhaps follow the old belief "I can't do it anyway" or do you think "He who does not dare does not win"?

Develop new perspectives for yourself in coaching

Often an outsider is missing who can help you to put your situation in perspective. Friends and family are usually too close and do not have the emotional distance. But if someone independent from the outside assesses your situation and approaches the matter together with you, everything looks very different again.

Get to know yourself

Feeling inner peace. This is one of the goals of coaching. You get to know yourself. You deal with yourself - your path to self-knowledge and a lot of inner clarity. This can be uncomfortable, sometimes painful, brings back memories and becomes emotionally exhausting - but it is worth it. When you get to know yourself, you become happier. And you can release blockages that have stood in the way of your success. With the help of coaching, you can break out of outdated behaviour patterns and put your thoughts in order. Your coach helps you to become aware of your values and needs. However, you must be ready for a change.

Coaching works not only for your personal development

Coaching also helps in a business context. Take the following example: In your life you are facing a challenge. You question yourself or your path. You do not know how to deal with your leadership responsibility and what is coming up. You lack an idea of how you should take the new paths. And what happens if you decide not to follow the old path anymore - but the new one is not yet within reach?

  1. The coaching helps you to reorient yourself. You learn to get your life areas in balance. This is also the case when new professional tasks await you that you have not been able to structure on your own.
  2. If you accept yourself, then you can also initiate changes as a result - professionally or privately!

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