Coaching content from Greator now available in the Fitbit app

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Coaching content from Greator now available in the Fitbit app

Fitbit is expanding its offering in Germany with premium content in the area of health and mindfulness and is bringing Greator, the largest platform for personal development, on board for this. Greator produced exclusive content for the "Motivating Daily Impulses" section. With this, Fitbit wants to offer its customers an even more comprehensive service in their own health management.

Cologne, November 2020 - Greator, Germany's largest coaching platform for personal development, is the official cooperation partner for the launch of Fitbit Premium in Germany. With its new subscription service, Fitbit wants to offer its users additional video and audio content in the area of health, mindfulness and meditation. In addition, each user will receive individualized insights into their health data and tips tailored to them. The service is designed to help each of us sleep more soundly, increase our activity levels, and adopt lasting healthy and mindful behaviors.

Greator provides high-quality and exclusively produced content for the "Motivating Daily Impulses" section. The short, inspiring audio units were recorded by Greator founder Stefan Frädrich, among others, and are intended to provide motivating and positive impulses in between everyday activities, at the end of the day or to wake up.

Fitbit sees the decision to partner with Greator for its premium content as a shared purpose: Fitbit's mission is to make everyone in the world healthier. Greator wants to empower people to become the best version of themselves and take control of their lives - and their health. The CEO of Greator, Alexander Müller, also sees the collaboration as a perfect match: "Our mission is to use valuable content to help people live full and happy lives. The Corona pandemic has shown us that topics such as 'mental health' and 'personal development' are gaining in importance and that there is great potential in the area of online coaching. We are delighted that Fitbit is now expanding the content to include topics around Meditation and mindfulness exercises and we can make a significant contribution to this."

The collaboration extends to other areas as well. For example, Fitbit testimonial and fitness and motivational influencer Chrissi Joy recorded daily warm-up sequences for over 100,000 attendees at the Greator online festival in October.

Access to Greator Coaching Units for Fitbit Premium is available to users via the Fitbit app as an in-app purchase.

About Greator

As Germany's largest platform for personal development, Greator delivers valuable content on the basis of which everyone can create a happy, successful and fulfilled life for themselves. Greator brings people into their full power - always committed to the maxim: "Grow beyond yourself and become the best version of yourself!" As a platform, we offer our Community the best coaches available. With our app, we enable our clients to integrate coaching into their everyday lives as easily as possible.

We also train coaches and speakers in intensive online training courses. Once a year, our community comes together with tens of thousands of people at the Greator Festival. In total, Greator is followed by over 1.3 million people on social media channels alone, with a monthly reach of over 8 million (as of November 2020). Meanwhile, Greator employs over 140 people from more than 20 countries in Cologne.

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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