Coaching training: How to achieve inner clarity

You want people to be with their Personal development accompany you? Maybe you've been thinking about it for a while now Coaching would like to do an apprenticeship! Because it is your passion to listen attentively, because you radiate trust and warmth. Others feel comfortable and secure around you. You have little to no fear of opening up and showing feelings. It is your greatest joy to feed your coachees with inspiration and impulses on their way to self-realization. Towards more inner clarity!

The demand for coaching is high

Coaching is in business, human resources development and Competitive Sports and is constantly finding its way into other industries. In addition, many people treat themselves to a qualified coach when they want to break new ground in personal or professional change situations.

Coaching has become indispensable in many industries

The demand for professional support, both professional and private, is there. So it is obvious that the job description "coaching" also sounds tempting for many. But how do you become a coach? Where do you get the appropriate qualification? What distinguishes a good coach?

Coaches in many areas

The job title coach is not protected and so there are many self-proclaimed coaches on the market. The children's coach appears as well as the systemic consultant. There is psychological counselling to find one's own vocation or destiny. And there are coaching sessions to rediscover your abilities and strengths. Coaching for business start-ups, systemic coachingsintegral coaching, apparently countless techniques and methods. The market and the offer are manifold. 

What do I need to become a coach?

Of course common sense is a good prerequisite, but it is not the only qualification. Have you already had this experience yourself? For example, if you have given your coaching at work, in the family or with friends: there are topics where it is enough to motivate the other person or to bring him or her back on track with professional know-how. And sometimes you reach your limits with your skills.

That's what makes a good coach

  • Professional coaching is much more than life advice or giving advice
  • Without appropriate expertise, methods and techniques, the chances of success for self-proclaimed consultants are low. 
  • The personality of the coach also plays an important role. Clients can feel whether their coach is competent and qualified accordingly. Good coaches don't fall out of the sky - they have a good education and are rarely self-taught.
  • A solid coaching training with certificate.
  • Can you show further training, other references?
  • Do you have a nice website on which you present yourself well?
  • Think carefully about what you are an expert in?
  • You need emotional, social and personal competence. 

How do you recognize a qualified coaching training? 

The training period of such a further education can last a few seminar days. But if you really want to set yourself up professionally as a coach, the following information is important:

  • Good coaching training takes months. First and foremost you should gain clarity for yourself and your life areas. To radiate this clarity to your coachees
  • You learn to professionally reflect on your individual actions and to deal with your own limitations and unresolved issues
  • it offers afterwards possibilities to show yourself to your coachees
  • she not only passes on coaching aspects, but also content aspects, in order to show you on the Internet afterwards
  • a comprehensive education
  • the investment for the seminars varies between three and five figures
  • professional reflection: this is done through exercises during attendance times, in peer groups or buddy groups, through mutual coaching
  • Competence of the coaching trainers
  • Inform yourself well in advance about the trainers of the coaching training. 
  • Who conducts the coaching trainings? 
  • What is the name of the training trainer or is there only a general statement like "Qualified Coaches"? 
  • What does the coach tell you about himself? Does he show himself openly with his topics and does he make himself more authentic and approachable?
  • What training or additional qualifications does the trainer have?
  • Do they have expert knowledge and experience in the field they are teaching? 

In the end one thing counts: your gut feeling! Who are you "attracted" to? Who reaches you with his words, his manner and his appearance? Choose a coach from whom you would like to learn how to become a coach!

Certificates and diplomas

Of course, you can also take part in coaching training courses at any time without aiming for a degree or certificate. There are always participants who use coaching training as a way of personal development. Are you curious about psychological and systemic connections? Enjoy the exercises with the other participants. Draw from it a personal satisfaction. Because this can also be an excellent training.

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