Coaching training: How to achieve inner clarity

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Coaching training: How to achieve inner clarity

You want to help people with their Personality Development accompany? Maybe you've been thinking for a while about whether or not you want to take Coaching You want to do training! Because it is your passion to listen attentively, because you radiate trust and warmth. When you are around others feel comfortable and safe. They have little to no fear of opening up and showing their feelings. It gives you the greatest pleasure to feed your coachees with inspiration and impulses on their way to self-realization. Towards more inner clarity!

Coaching demand is high

Coaching is used in business, personnel development and Competitive sports It is no longer possible to imagine life without coaching and it is steadily making its way into other sectors. In addition, many treat themselves to a qualified coach when they want to go new ways in personal or professional upheaval situations.

Coaching has become indispensable in many industries

There is a demand for professional support, both professionally and privately. So it stands to reason that the job description "coaching" also sounds tempting to many. But how do you become a coach? Where do you get the appropriate qualification? What distinguishes a good coach?

Coaching training in many areas

The job title coach is not protected and so there are many self-proclaimed coaches on the market. The child coach appears there as well as the systemic consultant. There is psychological counselling to find one's own vocation or destiny. And coaching to rediscover one's abilities and strengths. Coaching for business start-ups, systemic coaching, integral coaching, apparently countless techniques and methods. The market and the offer are manifold. We would like to bring light into the darkness and show you which coaching experts there are!

Greator Coach

With our training as Greator Coach you first and foremost bring clarity into your life. If you are ready to take stock, then our trainers Christina and Walter Hommelsheim will gladly take you by the hand. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you want to develop - and which possibilities you want to tackle! As a Greator coach you come into your full power and are ready to change the lives of many people in a sustainable way.

With the lying eight, Christina and Walter have combined the most important and valuable coaching approaches in a holistic method. It combines the review of your past with a targeted look into your future. With the help of depth psychological work, neurological insights, quantum physics and modern vision work, you come into your full power. Thanks to the method of the Lying Eight, the Greator coach achieves positive change with his client on all levels.

So a Greator coach goes back with his client during the session exactly to the point in the coachee's childhood where he may have first experienced the feeling of sadness, anger, powerlessness, loneliness or rejection. This situation is often the source of many of the thoughts we have today that prevent or limit us from coming into our full potential. How would it be if you as a coach succeed in helping others to dissolve these old beliefs and patterns and let beautiful new things emerge...!

Coaching training
Walter Hommelsheim (l.) is a trainer at Greator Coach and guides you through the Greator Coach training.

life coach

The Life Coach tries to get more out of you, to motivate and encourage you so that you can recognize and use your potential. He also helps you to (re)define personal and professional goals and to finally focus on the really important things in life again after crisis phases. If you are striving to achieve certain goals in life, a life coach can help you.

Agile Coach

The term Agile Coach is used differently in different contexts. An Agile Coach (or in German "agiler Coach") can be seen as a person who supports organizations to become adaptive and self-learning. The result of the work of an agile coach is on the one hand changed processes in an organization and on the other hand also an organization that changes its processes on its own when needed. In this context, the processes are "only" an externally observable aspect of the change. In the collaboration, the lived values, beliefs, skills and knowledge of the individuals in the now self-learning organization have usually also changed.

Systemic Coach

Systemic coaching refers to a consulting format for support in everyday issues of personal life management in the professional and private spheres. It is a task-related, resource- and solution-oriented consulting format for executives and managers as well as teams and individuals in organizations.

Nutrition Coach

Malnutrition, lack of exercise and obesity are among the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases today. The need for professional support in changing eating habits and eating styles has been increasing continuously for years. Fitness clubs, personal trainers, wellness, cosmetics and health providers, but also hotels are increasingly offering their customers services on the subject of nutrition. Therefore, the need for professionally trained nutrition coaches is increasing.

Beyond the classical nourishing consultation the Nutrition Coach focuses on the individual life situation of each person and helps the customer through its holistic approach to a permanently successful change in diet. With the Training as a nutrition coach you can create an important basis for the realisation of your career aspirations in a flexible and part-time manner - even without having to complete a lengthy training course in dietary assistance or a degree course in ecotrophology lasting several years.

Children's Coach

Children Coaching offers a playful solution to help the child. The child already has the solutions within himself. The child coach helps the child to win, so the child can develop further. Together with the child coach the child looks at his talents, his abilities and his skills. But in the same way, child coaching gives children the opportunity to be heard. That they know that they are not alone. Children are allowed to know and experience that they are loved. And unconditionally. It is so important that they are allowed to show themselves with all their feelings - whether anger, sadness, fear, powerlessness.... In the same way, our offspring are allowed to experience that they are not alone.

business coach

Unlike a consultant (Consultant) or a trainer, a business coach neither makes direct suggestions for solutions to his client, nor does he impart specialist knowledge or certain skills, but rather accompanies him in the development of his own individual and sustainable solutions. Business Coaching is mainly used in middle and upper management. In principle, however, people in all phases of their professional life and regardless of their employment status can benefit from business coaching. Career starters, employees and freelancers as well as successful entrepreneurs and top executives such as board members and managing directors - With this target group, the term "Executive Coaching" is also often used.

NLP coach

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) embodies a differentiated model of human communication processes and offers many useful methods and techniques to influence communication more consciously and purposefully. It is excellently suited to accompany people efficiently in consulting and coaching. NLP is now used everywhere where professional communication design is needed.

The term neurolinguistic refers to the strong interrelation of language and physical processes. Language has a significant influence on perception and thus on emotional and mental experience. NLP techniques can help you to stimulate changes in neuro-linguistic patterns.

The methodical learning of a more conscious use of language, as the essential medium of our descriptions of reality and definitions, is a central aspect of NLP trainings.

Denys Scharnweber talks about consciousness and fears.
Denys Scharnweber is a successful NLP coach. In the past he has accompanied many participants in Greator seminars.

Coaching Training: What do I need to become a coach?

Of course, common sense is a good prerequisite, but it is not enough as the only qualification. Have you already had this experience yourself? For example, when you have given coaching at work, in the family or among friends: there are topics where it is enough to motivate the other person or to get them back on track with professional know-how. And sometimes you reach the limits of your abilities.

What makes a good coach

  • Professional coaching is much more than life coaching or giving advice
  • Without the appropriate expertise, methods and techniques, the chances of success for self-proclaimed consultants are slim.
  • The personality of the coach also plays an important role. Clients sense whether their coach has competence and is appropriately qualified. Good coaches do not fall from the sky - they have a good education and are rarely self-taught.
  • A solid coaching training with certificate.
  • Can you show further training, other references?
  • Do you have a nice website where you present yourself well?
  • Think carefully about what area you are an expert in?
  • You need emotional, social and personal skills.

How do you recognize a qualified coaching education?

The training period of such an advanced training can be a few seminar days. But if you really want to set yourself up as a professional coach, then the following information is important:

  • Good coaching trainings last for months. First and foremost, you should gain clarity for yourself and your areas of life. In order to radiate this clarity to your coachees, you should
  • You learn to reflect your individual actions professionally and to deal with your own limits and unresolved issues.
  • it then offers opportunities to show yourself to your coachees
  • she not only passes on coaching aspects, but also content aspects to show you on the internet afterwards
  • a holistic education
  • the investment for the seminars varies between three and five figures
  • professional reflection: this takes place through exercises during the attendance times, in peer groups or buddy groups, through mutual coaching
  • Competence of the coaching coaches
  • Inform yourself well in advance about the coaches of the coaching training.
  • Who conducts the coaching trainings?
  • What is the name of the coach providing the training or is there just a general statement like "Qualified Coaches"?
  • What does the trainer tell you about himself? Is he open about his topics and thus makes himself more authentic, more approachable?
  • What training or additional qualifications does the trainer have?
  • Do they have expert knowledge and experience in the area being taught?

In the end, one thing counts: your gut feeling! Who do you feel "attracted" to? Who reaches you with their words, manner and demeanor? Choose a coach from whom you would like to learn how to become a coach!

Certificates and degrees

Of course, you can always participate in coaching trainings without aiming for a degree or a certificate. There are always participants who use a coaching training as a variant for personal development. Are you curious about psychological and systemic connections? Enjoy the exercises with the other participants. Draw personal satisfaction from it. Because this can also be an excellent training.

Furthermore, "coaching" is not a protected term. That is, each of us can call himself so. Therefore, find out beforehand exactly about the training and the people behind it, who want to train you as a coach. If certain questions are not answered on the homepage, then get in touch and ask all the questions that interest you. At the latest in this moment you should get a feeling for whether you are dealing with a serious company or not.

Coaching Training - The most exciting journey to yourself

You want to become a coach? Christina and Walter Hommelsheim feed you the facts
Christina and Walter Hommelsheim are your trainers at the Greator Coach Training.

We hope that we could help you now to more clarity and many questions were answered. Whether Systemic Coach, NLP or Greator Coach Training - everywhere you have your change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle!

As a Greator coach, you will come into your full power, ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people.In our training to become a Greator Coach you go step by step through your individual areas of life. Open yourself to bring more and more clarity into your life. The insights will amaze you. You have your change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you want to develop - and which possibilities you want to tackle! As a Greator coach, you'll come into your full power, ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of many. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch here on. Or as we say at Greator: Go for it!

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