Coaching training: with inner clarity into a new professional phase

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Coaching training: with inner clarity into a new professional phase

You always listen attentively. You radiate trust and warmth. Others feel comfortable and secure around you. You have little to no fear of opening up and showing feelings. Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? Then a Coaching training maybe a way to get your broaden professional perspectives.

Accompany other people in their Personality Development. Support your coachees on their The path to self-realization and feed them at the same time with Inspiration and new impulses. We want to help you with this in the following, inner clarity about whether further education in the field of coaching is right for you.

Greator Coach
Embark now on the unique journey to yourself
With the Online training to become a Greator coach you get to know yourself better and find out how you also bring others to their full potential!

The coaching profession is more in demand than ever before

Coaching is used in business, personnel development and Competitive sports It is no longer possible to imagine life without coaching and it is steadily finding its way into other sectors. In addition, many treat themselves to a qualified coach when they are faced with situations of upheaval at work or in their private lives.

Coaching has become indispensable in many industries. Our modern world is becoming more and more complex every day and constantly offers new challenges for our own personality. Coaching helps to stay on course in different life situations.

The Demand for professional support, professionally and privately, is present. So it is obvious that the activity of a Coaches as a profession sounds tempting to many. But how do you become a coach? Where do you get the relevant qualifications? What makes a good coach?

Training as a coach: What are the requirements?

If you are looking to train as a coach. common sense a good prerequisite. But that is not enough as the only qualification. Perhaps you have already made this experience when you have helped others with their problems at work, in the family or among friends: There are issues where it is enough to motivate the other person or to get them back on track with professional know-how. And sometimes you reach the limits of your abilities.

Experience is a essential prerequisiteto help other people with a Coaching to really be able to help. For example, when you are confronted with a manager in practice, it is important to be able to talk to them at eye level. This requires above all experience and practice. The foundation for this is laid in a well-founded coaching training.

What makes a good coach

  • Yours Competence as a professional coach goes far beyond giving advice or life coaching.
  • You include in your activity Expertise as well as established Methods and Techniques on.
  • In addition to your professional skills you also convince with emotional as well as social competence: self-confident appearance, empathy, sensitivity, resilience, etc.
  • Specialize in one certain profession (an overview of the different coaching fields can be found below).
  • Present your achievements on a attractively designed website.

A detailed Coaching training with certificate rounds out your profile perfectly. Good coaches are rarely self-taught. A serious training along with relevant experience make a significant difference in terms of quality.

How do you recognize a qualified coaching education?

The Training period of an Coaching training can be a few days of seminars. But if you really want to set yourself up as a professional coach, then the following information is important:

  • Good Coaching trainings go over Months. First and foremost, you should achieve clarity for yourself and your areas of life. You can then also radiate this clarity to your coachees.
  • You're learning reflect on individual actions in a professional manner and to deal with one's own limitations and unresolved issues.
  • The training does not only pass on coaching aspects, but also content-related aspectsfor example, to inform you about the Internet to market.
  • The Investment for the seminars varies between three- and five-figure sums.
  • Professional reflectionThis takes place through exercises during the attendance times, in peer groups or buddy groups as well as through mutual coaching.

In addition to the content of your further training, the most important thing is the Trainer who will accompany you on your new path. Their qualifications and personalities determine to a significant extent how your Coaching training looks like. You should ask yourself the following questions in advance to assess the coaches of an offer:

  • Who conducts the coaching training? 
  • Is there any information about the respective persons in advance?
  • What is the name of the coach providing the training or is there just a general statement like "Qualified Coaches"?
  • What does the trainer tell you about himself? Is he open about his topics and thus makes himself more authentic, more approachable?
  • What training or additional qualifications does the trainer have?
  • Do your trainers have expert knowledge and experience in the area being taught?

In the end, one thing counts: your Gut feeling! Who are you "attracted" to? Who reaches you with their words, their manner and their appearance? Choose a trainer from whom you like to learn how to be a Become a coach can!

Greator Coach
Embark now on the unique journey to yourself
With the Online training to become a Greator coach you get to know yourself better and find out how you also bring others to their full potential!

Coaching training in many areas

The The professional title of coach is not protected and so there are many self-proclaimed coaches on the market. The children's coach appears there just as the systemic consultant. There is psychological counseling to improve one's Find vocation or destiny. And coaching sessions to rediscover your own skills and strengths. The market and the offer are diverse. We want to bring light into the darkness and show you which coaching experts there are!

Greator Coach: our training offer for you

With our training to become a Greator Coach you will first of all bring Clarity in your life. If you're ready to take inventory, then our Trainers Christina and Walter Hommelsheim gladly by the hand. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle!

With the horizontal eight Christina and Walter have the most important and valuable Coaching approaches rolled into one holistic method united. It combines the review of your past with a targeted look into your future. With the help of depth psychological work, neurological insights, quantum physics and modern vision work, you come into your full power. Thanks to the method of the lying eight, as a Greator coach you achieve positive change with your counterpart on all levels.

As a Greator coach you look back during a session on the Childhood of your coachee. Together you will find the point where he or she may have first experienced feelings of sadness, anger, powerlessness, loneliness or rejection. This situation is often the Origin for many of our thoughtsThat are holding us back or limiting us today from coming into our full potential. How would it be if you, as a coach, succeeded in helping others to overcome these obstacles? old Beliefs and dissolve patterns and beautiful new things will emerge to leave?

Coaching training

Your perspectives: You can specialize in these areas as a coach

life coach

As a life coach you motivate and encourage your counterpart. Together with your coachee, you work out his or her Potential and how these can be used. This also includes the definition of personal as well as professional goals and how to deal with crisis phases.

More about the Greator Life Coach training course

mental coach

Nowadays, everyday life is permeated with Stress and others mental stresses. In the role of a Mental Coach, you support people in achieving these hurdles to overcome and counting To attain mindfulness. Your field of application ranges from organizations, such as companies or sports clubs, to private groups or individuals.

This is what the Mental Coach training looks like

Agile Coach

An Agile Coach (or "agile coach" in German) supports organizations in this, Adaptable and self-learning to become. You work out in close exchange how an organization can concretely change existing processes and also tackle this independently in the future.

Learn more about agile methods

Systemic Coach

Systemic coaching refers to a consulting format to support with everyday questions of the personal lifestyle in the professional and private sphere. It is a task-related, resource- and solution-oriented consulting format for executives and managers as well as teams and individuals in organizations.

Systemic coaching at a glance

Nutrition Coach

Beyond the classical nourishing consultation the nourishing coach places the individual life situation of the individual in the foreground and helps the Coachee by its holistic view to a permanently successful change of diet. With the Training as a nutrition coach you create an important basis for the realisation of your career aspirations in a flexible and part-time manner.

What makes a nutrition coach

Children's Coach

Child coaching offers a playful solutionto help the next generation reach its full potential. Developing potential. You help children to win, to be heard and to know that they are not alone. With a sound training as a child coach, you learn the methods and techniques that are important for this.

All about the children's coach training

business coach

A business coach accompanies his counterpart in the development of individual and sustainable solutions for challenges in one's own career. Business coaching is mainly used in middle and upper management. In principle, however, people in all phases of their professional life can benefit from such coaching.

Overview of the Business Coach Training

NLP Coach

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) embodies an differentiated model of human communication processes and offers many useful methods and techniques to influence communication more consciously and purposefully. It is excellently suited to accompany people efficiently in consulting and coaching. NLP coaching is now used everywhere where professional communication is needed.

More details about NLP-Coaching

Denys Scharnweber talks about consciousness and fears.

Certificates and degrees of a coaching training

Certificates provide you with tangible proof of the quality of the training you have completed. Coaching training. However, there are no fixed standards or frameworks for the degree, as the coaching profession is not a clearly defined education.

In addition, you can also participate in coaching trainings at any time without aiming for a degree or a certificate. There are always participants who prefer such a training as a variant of the personal development use. For example, are you interested in psychological and systemic contexts? Then enjoy the exercises with other participants and draw from them your personal Satisfaction. This can also be the goal of a successful education for you.

Coaching Training - The most exciting journey to yourself

You want to become a coach? Christina and Walter Hommelsheim feed you the facts
Christina and Walter Hommelsheim are your trainers at the Greator Coach Training.

We hope that now we can lead you to more Clarity and many questions were answered. Whether Systemic Coach, NLP or Greator-Life-Coach-Training - everywhere you go you have your Change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle!

As Greator Life Coach you come into your full power and so you are ready to Change the lives of many people in the long term. In our training you go step by step through your individual areas of life. Open yourself to bring more and more clarity into your life. The insights will amaze you. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up directly online. Or as we say at Greator: Go for it!


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