Coaching: How do I find the perfect coach for me?

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Coaching: How do I find the perfect coach for me?

You're curious about a Coaching? But how do I find the perfect coach for me - you ask yourself right now? Imagine you have made it! Your job is going great. Financially you don't have to worry. You are healthy. And, in fact, happiness is at your feet. Actually. Because you're lonely. What you need is a partner who sees eye to eye... Someone you can talk to, someone you can trust... Feedback criticize. Someone to dream and laugh with. You long for the perfect partner at your side? Now a coach can help you, for example, to fill this area of life partnership. And we show you what to look for in your search for a coach.

With coaching to more ease

An Coach is a neutral expert who supports you in your further development on a professional and personal level. He is unbiased. You get honest feedback from him. He reviews with you your Beliefsworks with you on your vision. Together you strengthen yourself, let the energy flow again - and also in the areas where it may flow even more. Look forward to clarity, lightness, love of life!

Look forward to clarity, lightness and love of life.

Develop new strategies for success in coaching

That sounds brutal and not a situation you want to be in, right? Yes, it is. As a manager, you're not looking for a feel-good manager who will hold your hand and cuddle with you and consistently praise your strengths. You're looking for a life coach who will help you develop new strategies for success and maintain - or even increase - your success in the long term!

How to find your coach

But there are plenty of coaches. How are you supposed to find the right one right away? Well, as with any search, it pays to do thorough research. To find the perfect coach, you should also proceed strategically and consider certain criteria. Here you will find practical tips on how to proceed and the most important selection criteria.

1. define your goal

As a first step, think about your reason for seeking a coach and what your concerns and goals are. Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Do you desire financial abundance? Do you not really know what your strengths are? Or do you want clarity regarding your childhood? A clearly defined goal helps you to find out which competencies are most important to you in your coach. Or to put it another way: a clearly defined goal makes it clear to you what the focus of your coach's activities must be.

What is the reason for your search for a coach?

2. compare coaching offers

An Coaching is an investment in your future. Therefore, the coach should meet important criteria and, for example, have completed a sound training as a coach. Several years of experience as a coach and your own leadership experience are also important. In addition, the price and the local proximity will of course also determine which expert is the right one for you. Compare different offers and choose your favorite.

3. ask the coach for references

The term "coach" is not protected, which means that in principle anyone can call themselves that. Therefore, certificates and references are particularly relevant. Be sure to ask your favourite coach to show you his or her CV. Only if you know what kind of professional experience the coach has, you can decide whether he is suitable for you. References, licenses, certificates and seals of approval can also serve as proof of quality.

4. get to know your coach

Nothing beats getting to know someone in person! How about meeting your prospective coach for a preliminary talk? You should not only talk about important formalities, but above all about your goals and his approach. A good coach makes his working methods transparent and gives details about his approach.

5. trust your gut feeling

Your gut will usually give you a quick indication of whether or not the coach is a good fit for you. If you don't like him in the preliminary interview, you should definitely keep looking, no matter how first-class his references may be. The chemistry must be right, after all, you need to build trust and be able to rely on him.

Selection criteria for your coaching

During the above process, you should pay special attention to some selection criteria. Before making your final decision, check whether the coach actually meets all five of the following criteria. If not, you should reconsider your choice. If they do, you've made a real stroke of luck and found the perfect coach for you. And here are the five decisive selection criteria for you:

1. professional competence

Can your prospective coach convince you professionally? Has he perhaps worked in a leadership position himself? Does he know what challenges you are facing - should your life wheel not be balanced in the job area. Pay attention to what competencies the coach can demonstrate.

2. coaching methodology

In addition to competence, the methodology, i.e. the approach of your coach, also plays a central role. A good coach is structured and goal-oriented. He follows a clear concept and knows exactly how best to coach you. Don't settle for less!

3. time management

You usually consult a coach when the house is on fire - that is, when there is a specific situation in which you need help and can't get anywhere on your own. So make sure that your coach helps you quickly and not in six months. Good time management means that he structures the sessions sensibly and doesn't need a long warm-up period. You need to start benefiting from your coach from the first minute. After all, your time is short and you want to see results.

4. interest

Your coach must be able to listen to you and respond to you completely. The most important basis of the coaching is his interest in you. After all, it is about optimizing your personal skills and knowledge. Individual solutions can only be found if the coach deals with your personal development. And for this he must know you and be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

5. modesty

There are coaches who would rather talk than listen - and want to make their own mark instead of supporting you. If he is more interested in his ego than in your success, then off to the desert with him! Professionals don't need to put themselves out there, but focus entirely on you. Look for a coach who is humble and gives everything so that you can achieve your Achieve goals. You don't have time for self-promoters.


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