Communication training as a strategy for success - achieve your goals

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Communication training as a strategy for success - achieve your goals

Your most important tool as a good leader is communication. Communication determines your success in business. Communication decides on the motivation of your employees and is crucial for the specification and achievement of your goals! It can help you to appear, communicate and speak more confidently. Yes, communication is omnipresent and an incredibly important part of our lives. And although communication is needed every day, it is often not so easy to put good communication into practice. Especially in the professional field, misunderstandings often occur that could have been prevented with proper communication. Communication training can help you, successful Apply communication in business.

Communication training: You cannot not communicate

Paul Watzlawick famously posited: You can't not communicate. Because in every communication there is a factual level and a relationship level. On the factual level, you communicate the content, the facts. "The light is green." The relationship level brings in the emotions. "The light is green." can actually mean, "Hey, now drive the car." There is a dichotomy between the levels. But often the relationship aspect is left out of the equation at work. Yet it takes a lot of energy to stay on the matter level. You can't always turn feelings off or on. And certainly not in business. That's why it doesn't do you any good if you only look at the issue level in a discussion. There is usually so much more behind it! Yes does not always mean yes. No doesn't always mean no. And if you are aware of that, you can improve your Improve communication.

Honest feedback is important

Communicate openly and honestly. If there are difficulties with a project, address them. Give honest Feedback. Do not spare praise and recognition when something works well. On the other hand, be critical when things don't go so well. Pay attention to the feedback that is given to you. This is important because it shows you what is working in your company and what is not. Pay attention to the communication of your employees and try to understand what is really being communicated to you and react to it. This is also important in Communication training.

Be open to suggestions for improvement and take objective criticism seriously. Appreciate your employees and be empathetic. Don't communicate from the top down. You wouldn't be where you are without your team. Be trustworthy. After all, you're the first person to talk to when there's a problem. Once you get rid of your reputation as a raging choleric, no one will dare to approach you about problems. Or they will only come to you when it is far too late. And what could be more unpleasant than unresolved problems or repetitive mistakes?

Communication training: 3 tips for a well-functioning leadership

Dr. Stefan FrädrichIn his ten commandments of successful leadership, communication and motivation expert, trainer and coach explains everything you need to know to become a leader. Here you will learn three tips for a well-functioning communication!

1. set goals:

As a manager, you delegate tasks and set goals. Communication plays a huge role so that your tasks can be implemented satisfactorily by your employees. Often, the way in which tasks are delegated already fails. Instead of a meaningful assignment, orders are given. Orders are reluctantly taken by your team. Even if they are formulated in a friendly way. Because what is missing? Exactly. The meaning. Explain the meaning and background. Communicate openly, friendly and respectfully. Make it clear why you are asking your employee to do such and such a thing. This promotes Motivation.

2. good communication

First understand, then be understood. Good communication requires sensitivity. It is often the case that as a manager you give tasks, the employee comments on it but you don't bother to question what is really behind it. "Did I understand you correctly?" is a question that helps avoid conflict. As a sensitive boss, you should be responsive to your employees and follow up when a person isn't quite forthcoming. Take the position of your counterpart, value your counterpart.

3. relationship with the team

As a boss, it's important that you know your team. Don't be the leader who is entrenched and doesn't let anyone get to him or her and delegates from the top down. Sit down with your employees at lunch. Talk to your employees in the elevator, in the parking lot, between doorways. This is all about relationship building. Because an intact relationship and a pleasant atmosphere are the basis of well-functioning communication. Always remember: everyone has their own ideas and visions in mind.

In order to avoid misunderstandings or complications, it is part of the process that you coordinate. Ask questions. Clear objectives. Don't just talk to each other a lot, but also communicate well with each other. And that works best in an atmosphere of trust. Build a good relationship with your team, because that is the basis of all communication. And the more you cultivate informal relationships, the more secure the basis of your communication. You see, such a communication training is very extensive.

Communication training: Change the perspective!

Communicate clearly and precisely. This is important so that goals can be achieved effectively. Good communication shows in the receiver. If the receiver does exactly what you said, you did everything right. Never stop questioning and improving your own communication! Change the perspective.

As you can see, the topic of communication is very complex and comprehensive. You can always work on yourself and improve your communication.

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