Community building: Increase your reach sustainably!

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Community building: Increase your reach sustainably!

Almost every company dreams of numerous followers and likes on Facebook, Instagram, etc. No wonder, after all, social networks are popular marketing tools and large reaches are incredibly valuable. Communities are therefore among the most important success factors for effective social media marketing. This is exactly why large companies invest a lot of time in community building and the management of their social media communities.

For Sole proprietor This is hardly possible for other users, who have far less time at their disposal. Nevertheless, a loyal community is also an important basis for them. After all, every follower is at best a potential new customer. That's why we'll show you how you can generate large, long-term reach with just a little time and a small budget. What do you need to build and inspire a community? We'll tell you!

Why is community building worth it?

But first, we'd like to explain the three most important advantages of a loyal community. It's worth it for your business for the following reasons:

Brand Ambassadors & Testimonials

Finding people to promote you and your products or services for free has never been easier. Because good content likes to be shared. If you provide your community with relevant and high-quality added value, you can expect to receive a repost or two. This way, your followers act as brand ambassadors and testimonials and carry your business out into the world.

Reach & Traffic

The bigger your community is, the more people are interested in you, your business and your offer. And those who are interested in something want to learn more. Therefore, some followers are guaranteed to visit your website, thus increasing traffic and possibly even depositing their email addresses or otherwise making conversions. For example, with a loyal community, you can increase your email marketing list, gain new blog readers, or get more downloads of your podcast.

Product improvement

A community gives you Feedbacksuggestions for improvement and ideas for enhancements. In this way, you learn how your offer is received by the customer and where there may still be room for improvement. This in turn plays an important role in getting to know the market and the needs of your target group. This way you can improve your product step by step so that it becomes even more interesting for your target group and thus sells better than ever before.

Best practice tips for building your community

But now let's cut to the chase, how does a successful community building work? Quite simply, by following the following six steps:

1. quality

Facebook, Instagram and Co. are more demanding today than ever before. Simply posting a picture usually doesn't work very well. The picture quality has to be right, the caption should be humorous or informative and then you have to set the right hashtags. This can sometimes take a few minutes, but it's essential. The higher quality and more relevant your posts are, the greater the chance that your community will grow quickly.

2. continuity

Regularity is also an important factor to keep in the minds of your followers. You don't have to post several times a day, but you should do it at regular intervals, for example always at a certain time. This creates a sense of reliability, because your followers know what to expect.

3rd added value

What does your community get out of following you and your business? Are you particularly entertaining? Do you provide informative, exciting and unique content? The golden rule is: Offer your followers added value and create a reason to follow you. Solve the problems of your target group with your content and give valuable tips. Be individual and stand out from the competition. This will make it much easier for you to build your community.

4. personal

Especially exciting are insights behind the scenes of your company. Your followers want to get to know you, your dreams and goals. Because nothing interests people more than the stories of other people. Therefore, show yourself personally, give your company a face. Take your community with you into your world and you will see that it will grow steadily.

5. interaction

Social networks are a give and take. They only work if you interact yourself and contribute as much as possible. You don't have to be online all the time. But make sure that you regularly provide your followers' postings with likes and comments. This way you convey interest, appreciation and sympathy. Cultivate your community, involve them and lead dialogues instead of monologues!

6. target definition

Think about the purpose of your community in advance. Do you want to attract more readers to your blog? Do you want to collect email addresses? Or is your goal to direct your followers to your online shop? The more concretely you define your goal, the easier it will be to pursue it.

Conclusion on community building

Community building is not a sprint, but a marathon, in which Patience and stamina play an important role. The more you enjoy connecting with other users, the easier it will be. And as in so many areas, it also comes to the Community Build on smart time management. The advantages that a loyal community offers for your self-employment are considerable. It's worth it, so it's best to get started right away! We wish you much success.

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