Living consciously - 20 tips for a more conscious lifestyle

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Living consciously - 20 tips for a more conscious lifestyle

Do you live consciously? Or is your everyday life tightly structured and consists of routine actions? Living consciously means being mindful as well as attentive and noticing every moment.

Mindfulness and well-being are closely related. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who live consciously feel better. In daily life, however, we tend to constantly evaluate everything.

Living a conscious life is not about gaining control over our environment. Rather, it is about concentrating on the moment and consciously enjoying without judging. If we devote ourselves fully to one thing and do not allow ourselves to be distracted, then we are living consciously.

Live consciously: Allow lightheartedness

Most of the time we hang with our thoughts in the Past and worry about the future. We find it difficult to allow lightheartedness. We feel obligated to act the way we learned at home, at school or at work.

We make our lifestyle dependent on financial means. We strive for wealth and are proud of material goods. Yet a critical attitude toward excessive consumption would often be appropriate. Consciously living frugally makes us happy and helps to conserve resources.

What prevents us from living consciously? A fulfilled life is possible even with little money. Happiness in life, Satisfaction and health do not depend on our financial situation. Is there a conscious living psychology?

When we live in the now, reflect on our inner strength and perceive the world around us, we live consciously. Do you want to increase your well-being, your Relationships and achieve your personal life goals? Our 20+ tips should show you how you can consciously live better.

Living consciously - is that even possible?

Everyday life is gray and dull, the job is boring and there is a crisis in the relationship. When we are angry or frustrated, we fail to see the good sides of life. We don't notice the beautiful sunrise or the breakfast lovingly prepared by our partner. Even the boss's praise for a successful presentation leaves us cold.

A conscious life looks different. Our daily routine consists largely of obligations. Already in childhood we have learned to function. We know that performance and commitment are expected of us. How do we live a conscious, self-determined and happy life However, we do not know how this will be achieved.

Is it even possible to live consciously? In a society characterized by stress and a hectic pace, and committed to the pressure to perform, this can become a challenge.

Living consciously means coming to terms with yourself. If you want to live a conscious, fulfilling life, you have to explore your personality with all your strengths and weaknesses accept

consciously live frugally

What does it mean to live more consciously?

Living consciously means first and foremost to be aware of oneself and to pay attention to one's own Needs to pay attention. A conscious lifestyle enriches your everyday life. A more conscious approach to life helps us to also Understand people better.

Living consciously means enjoying every single moment. The advantages of conscious experience are:

  • You become aware of your abilities and influence.
  • Very quickly you feel what is good for you and what you should do without.
  • Living consciously helps reduce stress.
  • You have less Fearsif your thoughts remain in the here and now.
  • Concentration and performance improve.
  • You recognize unfavorable life circumstances and can finally let go.

Do you do what you love or do you have to force yourself to get up in the morning and go to work? To live more consciously, you must first decide how you want to live. What is important to you? What goals do you want to achieve? What needs to change in order for you to live consciously? If you answer these questions honestly, you are already one step closer to a fulfilled, conscious life.

Why do we live more and more unconsciously?

Society is becoming more and more superficial. We are interested in our finances, but not in other people. We also hardly notice our own needs anymore. Our everyday life is determined by numerous obligations. There is little time left for ourselves, our interests, hobbies and friendships.

We live more and more unconsciously, neglecting our relationships and ultimately ourselves. When we have conversations, the content only relates to trivialities. Yet interesting conversations that go into depth can be very enriching. Why do we live so unconsciously?

The way we live is linked to the age in which we live. The 21st century is characterized by advancing globalization and digitalization. At the same time, the pressure to perform at work is increasing. We have to meet high demands every day, fear losing our jobs and are afraid of failing.

Material wealth does not automatically make you happy

When we lose sight of our true goals, we live unconsciously. It is human nature to adapt. We have learned that success can only be achieved through hard work. If we buy something new or beautiful, we often have a guilty conscience. Why doesn't consumption make us happy in the long run?

Material wealth contributes to an exclusive lifestyle, but does wealth also make us happy? Do we really need expensive clothes, luxury cars, noble watches and real estate abroad? Possessions create pride and identity, but the joy of financial success is often short-lived.

Materialistically oriented people are under enormous pressure. If you want to acquire things, you need capital and therefore have to work a lot. One does not have time for oneself and to live consciously. On the contrary - there is a danger of losing contact with oneself.

One cause of the unhealthy, unconscious lifestyle is the overabundance of choices. Making decisions is exhausting, because every wrong decision can have disadvantages and move us away from our goals.

Live consciously: Recognize that you are good enough

Instead of enjoying the small pleasures that daily life offers us, we react in a stressed manner. We constantly want to optimize all procedures and processes. Nothing seems good enough to us. In our will to criticize everything and everyone, we fail to perceive reality. To live consciously means to realize that in truth we are good enough.

Superficiality, the pursuit of money, power or fame prevent us from living consciously. Yet a happy, fulfilled life possible even without large financial resources. So why do we live more and more unconsciously? Is it because, in the course of life, we have acquired certain Habits have put on? Are we afraid that living consciously will mean restrictions? Do we not want to give up our accustomed standard of living?

However, living consciously has nothing to do with renunciation or restrictions. A conscious lifestyle allows you to reflect on yourself and lead a life according to your own ideas. Use our 20 tips so that you can finally live more consciously and accomplish goals can!

simply live consciously

20 tips to finally live more consciously

Do you often have a feeling of inner emptiness? Are you stressed in the evening and too tired to do anything? Would you like to enjoy every moment without worrying? There are many ways to bring more awareness into your everyday life.

Constant accessibility, pressure to perform and our own expectations ensure that we do not have the Mindfulness gets lost. If you want to live consciously, it is important to set your goals and deal with stress properly.

Do you feel overwhelmed and overtired? Focus on what's important and try to live in the moment. Living consciously means:

  • Consciously participate in life.
  • Being more present in relationships.
  • To perceive one's own strengths and weaknesses.
  • To enjoy the little things in life.
  • Viewing problems as a challenge.
  • To approach life in a more relaxed way.

Take a moment to organize your thoughts. The following 20 tips will help you live more consciously and can be easily integrated into your everyday life:

  1. Avoid Multitasking
  2. Live in the present
  3. Consume less
  4. Do sports regularly
  5. Separate yourself from ballast
  6. Practice Digital Detox
  7. Stay curious
  8. Meditate
  9. Maintain friendships and relationships
  10. Take time for yourself
  11. Let bygones be bygones
  12. Decide consciously
  13. Consider your needs
  14. Treat yourself with respect
  15. Live frugally
  16. Strengthen your self-confidence
  17. Learn to enjoy
  18. Eat consciously
  19. Plan your future
  20. Be grateful

Do not do everything at once

Wanting to live consciously can take some changes bring with them. Avoid trying to do everything at once. Multitasking leads to more stress and is therefore counterproductive. If you consciously focus on each individual task, you will successfully complete your projects.

Consciously live always in the present, do not brood over mistakes, but plan your future. Consume less by doing without the unnecessary. This will save you time and money at the same time and you will live more consciously.

Declutter your home and get rid of unnecessary items that clutter your closets. "Cleaning out" also helps mentally. Plus, sorting out gives you an overview of what you own and what you really need.

When shopping, ask yourself whether the item in your shopping cart enriches your life or is actually superfluous. Don't buy out of frustration, but make a conscious decision. Often a supposed renunciation turns out to be a gain. Consume less, then you have more time to consciously enjoy.

Live consciously: Treat yourself with respect

Earning money, maintaining and caring for possessions is time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. You can use your energy much better for yourself. Play sports, learn a foreign language or a new hobby. Use your free time to do things you enjoy. Pay attention to your needs and treat yourself with respect. Don't let yourself be persuaded to do anything you are not convinced of. Don't do anything you don't want to do.

Relax yourself during a walk. Meditate and take every opportunity to collect your thoughts. Consider the Life with ease. Develop your own conscious living self-management. Plan your future according to your own personal ideas. Set realistic goals that are achievable.

A minimalist lifestyle can help raise awareness to distinguish between the important and the unimportant. However, this does not mean giving up things that are important to you.

Conscious diet

Consciously living healthily means eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins. A nutritional concept facilitates meal planning. Give preference to locally grown fruits and vegetables. Local produce is sustainable. Unlike exotic fruits and vegetables, they don't have long transportation routes behind them. This way you live environmentally conscious and contribute to sustainability.

Do you work at your computer screen and constantly check your emails after work? Practice Digital Detox regularly! Give up using digital media temporarily and simply switch off your laptop and smartphone. It's easier to live consciously when you're not constantly available.

Always keep an open mind. Take an interest in a wide range of topics, discuss them with others and express your opinion. Respond to criticism with logical arguments, but do not take critical remarks to heart. Be relaxed and strengthen your self-confidence. A stable Self-esteem helps to better deal with the challenges in daily life.

Live consciously: Focus on what matters

Be aware of what drives you and what goals are important to you. If you want to simplify your life and live consciously, then focus on the essentials. Be grateful for everything you have already achieved.

Appreciate even the little things. Life means well with you. Recognize the meaning of your existence, in which you live consciously. Enjoy the first cup of coffee in the morning, the embrace of your partner or an interesting conversation with colleagues.


Simply living consciously is worthwhile. You can be happy about small things without missing anything. Can you feel the scent of the flowers when you jog through the park? Be grateful that you are healthy and can do many things. Of course, there are also days when everything really goes wrong.

Nevertheless, "black days" also have a purpose. They are one of the main motives for learning to cope with crises. Invest in your future self by improving your Strengthens self-confidence. Living consciously makes you happy, because it means enjoying every moment.


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