Encourage: Trust yourself and strengthen your personality

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Encourage: Trust yourself and strengthen your personality

The big presentation is coming up and you're shaking with stage fright. Be brave, your own inner voice whispers to you. Don't be afraid, say your colleagues. But you are, Fear is okay if you overcome it. Learn how to encourage yourself and encourage others in this article.

But what does courage mean anyway? Can you also be courageous as a fearful person?

At Greator Personality Test you get to know yourself better - with your strengths and weaknesses. Face your fears. But also find out, which motivates you. Motivation is, by the way, a strong force that always gives you new courage.

What is courage?

In unsafe situations, you find it difficult to take a step forward. Do you dare? Can you give yourself courage? Are you ready to face the future?

How brave you are shows in the small and big crises, in everyday life and at special events. Before an important exam, while driving, during sports or in your professional life, you can expect very different risks. You could fail, hurt yourself or endanger someone else.

Those who are brave, for example, do a bungee jump or take on a challenging test. The tasks that require courage look so different. Maybe you want to stand up to peer pressure or speak your individual mind: it's hardly possible without courage - like these Study occupied.

Fear and courage are not opposites. On the contrary: if you act courageously, Sync and corrections by n17t01 you thus eliminate the feeling of fear. The daredevil, uncertain situation seems scary to you at first, but with the necessary courage you tackle it.

be brave

How does courage arise?

Courage often starts from a certain motivation. You want to do something, even though it is a difficult or scary thing. The first car ride, the interview for your dream job - you need the necessary courage. Maybe you also want to fend off a threat.

Through self-determined decisions you can strengthen your courage. Gathering courage, building courage - this often succeeds on several levels at the same time. If you gather enough courage to assert your opinion, you'll get along better everywhere. This starts in your school years and continues later in your professional life.

Courageous people often have a mature, strong personality. They act happy and safe. The good thing is: you can train your own courage muscle and give yourself courage.

How to become more courageous?

Those who are courageous can develop in a self-determined way without depending on others. The Personal responsibility is an important point here. But if you lack the courage, you quickly let yourself be influenced by other people. Sometimes this happens without you realizing it.

"You can't do it anyway - we've always done it this way - it's dangerous/unpleasant/difficult (...)." Such beliefs slow you down. Become aware of where you know them from. Who may have always liked to say them to you in your childhood? Now it is time to decide for yourself whether you want to continue to pay attention to the beliefs and blocking thoughts within you. Or do you want to let go of them? Get braver. The following tips show you how to give yourself courage.

  1. Play through difficult scenes in advance to prepare yourself. A mirror helps with this exercise: say everything you want to say later and think about possible reactions of the interlocutors.
  2. Think about the worst-case scenario and come up with a solution. You lose the thread in your speech? Then just say so and take your notes with you.
  3. Stay relaxed and be forgiving of your mistakes. Nobody is perfect. This thought strengthens your self-esteem and can give you courage at the same time. Your own Error culture is a good thing - it makes you feel freer and overcomes the fears.
  4. Stand by your opinions, wishes and also your weaknesses. Have you noticed that anxious people often come across as childish? Stay true to yourself and make yourself independent of other people's opinions: This will make you appear more mature and courageous.
  5. Note the successes you have with your courageous actions. Sometimes these are small things - a suggestion for improvement in everyday office life or making contact with an interesting person. The important thing is that you dared. Such scenes can also give you courage, so don't forget them.
  6. Do not compare yourself with colleagues or other people. Everyone has their own fears and tricks to give themselves courage. You don't know what inner struggles are going on behind the more or less confident appearance.

Reasons to lose heart

Even after several exams, you are always overcome by fear. Why do the courageous phases pass so quickly? Looking at world events and your own mishaps, it seems only normal to lose courage.

One of the main reasons for lack of courage is a pessimistic attitude. Perhaps you are already imagining how you will cope with the Disappointment deal with. Or you don't even try and avoid conflicts. That doesn't help anyway. The optimistic, courageous people seem like they're from another planet. But you can let yourself be infected by them: If you believe in your success, you automatically feel more courageous.

A second important reason is low resilience. This is often based on bad experiences - such as this one Report describes. Failure weakens your resolve and saps your courage. Who enough Resilience has in itself, also draws positive energy from failure. But if several setbacks follow each other, it will wear you down in the long run. The courage doesn't seem to bring you any further and you give up.

How can you encourage someone?

Certain characteristics such as emotional stability, sociability and Self-confidence favor a courageous character. But many people lack this strength, so they need help.

You can encourage someone by putting the positive things in the spotlight. That's how reluctant people first dare to take on small challenges and later on bigger tasks. An independent opinion, unconventional ideas, breaking out of the daily routine and the Personality development - these things require a courageous attitude, because with it you overcome fear and comfort.

If you want to encourage someone, list the many benefits. Courage:

  • brings forth new ideas,
  • helps the truth come to light,
  • means responsibility,
  • shows itself when dealing with problems,
  • is necessary to stand by one's convictions,
  • makes you optimistic (and optimism makes you courageous).

How do I encourage my partner?

Why didn't you tell me this before? -Shy people sometimes don't dare to tell the truth. They are afraid of hurting the other person. That's why they hold back their own wishes and don't make demands that require courage.

If your partner is anxious and shy, you can encourage him. This is the only way for a loving and equal relationship to work. Relationship. But often arises a emotional dependence, which prevents a courageous and self-confident appearance.

Make your cautious and anxious partner feel that you stand by him/her. Let him/her own make decisions. Otherwise, your relationship will eventually become too stressful for both of you. The following signs may indicate overanxiety and lack of courage in the partnership:

  • The thought, live alone having to do so triggers great fear.
  • The same partner always takes responsibility for all decisions.
  • Other people's opinions cause constant discomfort.
  • Feelings remain hidden.
  • There doesn't seem to be a clear no.

For more courage in everyday life and in your partnership, you must overcome the previous blockades and develop further. This requires willpower and courage. One step at a time, you will get out of this messy situation.

The Comfort zone seems to offer a certain security, but in the long run it gets boring. None of you should be afraid of possible opposition - so encourage each other. Only in this way can you trust each other and at the same time become stronger as individuals.

Very important: Talk openly with each other. No one can see into another person. If you suppress negative thoughts and feelings out of fear, a trusting and loving relationship is not possible.

How do I raise my child courageously?

Children need the help of their parents to become a courageous personality to mature. But how can you encourage your children? Particularly important is the Self-confidence. That can already smaller Children learn by taking responsibility. Choosing and putting on their own clothes, walking to school alone and paying close attention - things like this strengthen self-confidence and make courageous.

Courageous children can assert themselves better and are not easily unsettled. Positive encouragement helps with young children: "You are as brave as a lion, you are as strong as a bear" - with these sayings, even toddlers strengthen their optimism.

Mistakes happen to everyone: If a child drops a plate, it's no drama. Small scratches are also commonplace. Always remember: mistakes are there to be learned from.

When the child does something properly, he is happy about praise and confirmation. However, you should not only acknowledge it when it is successful but also when it dares to tackle a difficult task.

Parents who encourage also encourage their children to ask for help. This gives the offspring more security and confidence.

Conclusion: You can learn to be courageous

You can learn to be courageous! If you find it difficult to take action on your own, why not turn to people around you who seem courageous to you? Ask them for help and support. And as already mentioned, reflect on your fears: where and why are you still blocking yourself? Is the well-known Belief Set "I can't do it anyway" really yours? Or have you adopted it more and more as yours over the years? You can also find more help on the topic of "Encouraging" in the Article "The adventure game of life". by John Strelecky! And take responsibility for your destiny now.

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