The Inner Child

and Stefanie Stahl

7 Videos

7 Exercises

Your course plan

Your inner child
(7 min)
Search beliefs
(8 min)
Understanding shadow child
(6 min)
Catch & Switch
(10 min)
Sharpen perception
(10 min)
Awaken sun child
(10 min)
Find treasure strategy
(9 min)

About the course

You encounter the same problems again and again in everyday life and have the feeling that your past often catches up with you? In this course Stefanie Stahl teaches you her concept "The child in you must find a home" and gives you clear problem-solving structures to analyze and work on your individual problems. You will understand yourself and your fellow human beings better and make peace with yourself and others.

If you want, with this course you will turn your life around completely in a few weeks and grow beyond yourself step by step.

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