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Your wheel of life - How to recognize your construction sites and resolve them

Quite spontaneously: In which area of life is everything in the green zone for you? And where would you say is there still some room for improvement? The Wheel of Life is one of the best known tools in coaching and personality development and can help you to check your life areas. The Wheel of Life is also called the Balance Wheel. If we focus very strongly on a specific task or project, it is easy for the rest of the world to be forgotten and to lose its balance. It is difficult for us to pay the necessary attention to other areas of our life.

This is how you check your wheel of life

Do you already know your wheel of life? Just like a bicycle or motorcycle, all the spokes on your Bike of Life should be equally strong. If not, the rim will warp. The wheel gets a twist, and your whole life runs lopsided. Not just the one spoke that is too loose. If your life rumbles like an unbalanced wheel on a car, not only a part of the wheel will rumble, but the whole car will. The wheel of life consists of eight areas (these are the spokes). They all have to be right! Where would you like to get more into your own power? Which area is allowed to shine even more? We have a great exercise for you. But first read through the areas, and then at the end of the lesson you will enter your values into your Wheel of Life. Thereby you can see in which area of life you are better or worse positioned. You recognize your construction sites.

The eight areas of the wheel of life

Area 1: Family and partnership

Family or even partnership is known to occupy a large part of our wheel of life. After all, these are the people who have shaped us, with whom we grew up and with whom we now spend a lot of time. Ideally, we experience trust, closeness and intimacy. What does it look like in your family? Do you feel loved? Do you have stress and drama all the time or is everything great? Do your neighbours give you strength? Or do they disturb and hinder you? 

Area of life 2: Social environment

What people do you surround yourself with? Stinky boots and energy thieves? Or with people who give you energy? Or do only a few energy thieves dominate your life? What do your friends talk about? What do they deal with and you? What thoughts and mindsets do they fill you with? With worries and doubts? Or with courage and motivation? 

Life area 3: Profession

Do you do something professionally that you really like? Do you study or learn something that suits you? When you are retired, are you fulfilling your life tasks? Or does your work seem pointless and tedious to you, and in truth you only live for the weekend? This area of life is especially important because we spend a lot of time in it. 

Life area 4: Finances

What is your focus on money? Are you happy to see your account balance, or would you rather not look so closely? Do you orientate your life so that you can pay your bills, or is that not a problem for you? If you don't have a meaningful financial system for your life, it will affect relationships, family and bonds, and you're on the hamster wheel. 

Area of life 5: Health and fitness

If you don't have any diseases, that's fine. If you are also fit and have energy to get through the day, it's even better. Here the question arises: Are you just healthy or are you really fit? Or also: If you are ill - what do you do about it? 

Life Area 6: The Spirit

Your mind is also important. How and what do you think? Are you curious? Do you want to know what's happening in the world? Or do you possibly belong to the faction that no longer needs development and condemns new things?

Area of life 7: Your personality

It's about what you do every day, and in the long run. Are you authentic? Are you you? Do you have a sense of purpose in life? A sense of what you should do and what you shouldn't do? Do you rest within yourself and maybe don't need so much from the outside? Or do you need to bend? Make compromises you don't want to make? Do you have to fight? Do you feel an emptiness inside yourself? Are you driven and maybe even prone to addictions? 

Life Area 8: Your Time

Do you have time for yourself? Or are you completely committed to satisfy external demands? Who decides what you do with your time: you or your to-do list? You or other people? How flexible can you arrange your time? Do you have time autonomy?

Exercise: How to achieve more abundance in your life - and wheel of life

  1. Now select three of the eight areas of life in which you consciously want to create more abundance and quality of life in the coming months. 
  2. Write down the first area on a piece of paper and ask yourself What concrete changes can you make to live a fulfilled life in this area at 100%? 
  3. What routines and habits will you bring into your life from now on in order to grow in this area? 
  4. What would you have to change? 
  5. What are the decisions to be made here? 
  6. What feasible steps are you taking to shine more brightly in this area?

Decide on your heart's objectives

Your goals should always be positive and as concrete as possible. Choose goals that are the goals of your heart and that inspire you. You are not here to live someone else's life. Listen inside yourself to see if your goal really corresponds to your authentic path. Imagine how good and fulfilling it feels when you have actually implemented these goals in your life and what kind of person you have become as a result. 

Meditation: Create your new life

Close your eyes and imagine that the next half year will be exactly as you dream it today. See before your inner eye how you followed your heart and your intention and became the person you want to be. Feel inside yourself how that feels. How your wheel of life fills up. See all the things you have changed and created. Then look back gratefully and full of trust on the path you have taken.

Gratitude transforms your life

By the way, gratitude is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. Make it your most important habit to go into the feeling of gratitude every day for everything that has been, that is, and for everything that may still come. Gratitude transforms your life and immediately shifts you from lack to abundance. In the energy field of abundance you will attract more abundance and even more of what you can be thankful for. 

More clarity for your path

Now use your wheel of life to make a concrete plan. What did you just see in front of your inner eye? Write down everything that you are prepared to do in the coming months and what concrete steps you will take. Real changes will only come about if we actually take the steps that are necessary to achieve them. With each day you will gain more clarity for your path and of course you can make additions at any time. Fill your life with your light!

Your journey to your new self

You up for a spring clean? Stop and go inside. Clean up properly there and on the outside. Reflect. Bring clarity into your life. Focus. Visualize. In the long run. Then sign up now for 99 weeks of coaching with Dr. Stefan Frädrich and test your new way for two weeks. The coach will support you with weekly videos and impulses to achieve your goals. And in the great Facebook community you will be fed with valuable impulses.

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