Diana zur Löwen 2/3: Further education with GROWTH

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Diana zur Löwen 2/3: Further education with GROWTH

Diana zur Löwen is one of Germany's best-known and most successful YouTubers. The 23-year-old reaches millions of viewers week after week with her videos and postings. But she is not alone - because the number of infulencers and those who would like to be is increasing. YouTubers like Bibi's Beauty Palace offer similar content and are also active in the fashion, beauty and cosmetics sectors. What about internal competition within the scene?

Diana reveals in the interview: "I don't think my colleagues and I see each other as competitors. I can't imagine that anyone would stop watching a colleague's video because they've seen mine. Every YouTuber must have the claim to produce such good content that viewers want to see it. That's why we support each other. We meet up, take photos and maybe go out for a meal afterwards. It's nice to know people who are with you. And it's more fun to support each other than to get our claws out."

Diana zur Löwen: More than Beauty & Fashion

The Cologne-based student has been producing YouTube videos since she was 16. In the meantime, she also deals with topics that concern her personally. Diana zur Löwen: "Beauty and fashion are still part of it for me, of course. Because when you feel good on the outside, you radiate that and have a greater Self-confidence. But I also find topics that concern me as a young woman important. These include finance and politics, for example. Politics in particular tends to get little coverage on social networks. But it's a topic that you can't simply ignore. Instead, you should see if you can create an impact or change something yourself."

Diana is a curious person. Her viewers like that about her, too. She says, "I really engage with things that are happening in my life right now. I read a lot of books and share the content and tips with my community." As a young entrepreneur who is in constant communication with viewers of the same age, Diana knows the challenges her generation faces growing up, "We have the luxury of endless options today. But at the same time, that makes it difficult. On one hand, we have numerous options, but on the other hand, we have a lot of pressure."

Diana zur Löwen: "Learn your Know strengths & weaknesses!"

The Influencer, who likes to deal with topics such as personal development and further education, knows: "You have to find out how you can withstand all the pressure. And you should figure out what you actually want in life. Unfortunately, you don't get to know your strengths and weaknesses at university. That's why you have to look into it yourself and take the time to identify your strengths first and then strengthen them."

Diana zur Löwen explains how everyone can recognise their strengths and find out what they want in life using the word GROWTH: "G is for 'get out'. You have to look for people to learn from. R is for read. I think it's very important to take time out of school or college to read books. That's how you find content that will help you in life. O is for "open up." There is a lot of pressure on young people, for example from parents who want to tell you what to do. You have to free yourself from this pressure. The W stands for "why". Why do you do something? Why do you study and where do you want to go with your studies anyway?"

Impact on Generation Y

Diana is also still on her way to answering these questions for herself. In the interview, she reveals, "I'm always good at telling people what I do. But I have a hard time summarizing where I want to go with it because you have so many options. I'm working on positioning myself even better right now, even though it's not so easy these days. But you should always have those W questions in the back of your mind and also ask yourself, am I really getting to where I want to go with what I'm doing and where I am now?"

What is the why, the why of the famous YouTuber? What does she want to achieve? Diana: "I want to have an impact on the younger generation. I want to give people tips and make their lives a bit more worth living. And I think I'm already creating a lot of that - whether it's through the food for thought I give or through events I host. For example, I once did an event on the topic of courage. I can imagine doing the same thing I offer my viewers for businesses. If you tell a company how important it can be to change things for the younger generation, the company will attract new, young talent as employees.

Diana zur Löwen: Be offline & find balance

Of course, the Internet also offers dangers for young people. Through relentless transparency, there are only a few taboos left. The permanent availability and the constant look at follower and like numbers are also a sensitive topic. Diana: "I find it crazy to talk to young people for whom being an influencer is a dream job. When even at school it's all about how many likes your photos get, you have to look at how you deal with that."

Does Diana zur Löwen manage to switch off now and then and turn off her smartphone? She says: "When I go out for dinner with friends in the evening, I can also put my phone away sometimes. If you plan well, you can also structure everything better." In addition, the YouTuber reveals, "In the past, I would have wanted to be at every Fashion Week. Today, I don't think my viewers care that much anymore because it's far from their world. Instead, they'd rather have tangible tips from me and that I talk about topics that are also relevant in their world."

The young entrepreneur has realized: "You always give yourself the stress of wanting to show everything. But there's nothing wrong with uploading a video a day later. You have to learn to deal with it. But you can find a balance. For example, apps that check how long you're on your phone every day can help. And you should unfollow accounts that aren't good for you. You have to realize how much time you waste just hanging out on Instagram."

In the third part of her interview, Diana zur Löwen talks about the last letters of the GROWTH theory and reveals why she doesn't want to wait for politicians but makes changes herself.


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