Digital nomads 3/3: How to convince your environment

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Digital nomads 3/3: How to convince your environment

Travel is the great passion of Timo Eckhardt and Sascha Boampong. As digital nomads, they have built their personal dream lives and can work from anywhere in the world. But where do the successful online entrepreneurs see themselves in ten years? Timo Eckhardt: "I don't know yet, because I've seen what's happened in the last four years. All my goals and dreams have come true. We are all architects of our own reality. It's been a rapid development that I would never have imagined before. And that's exactly why I don't know what will be in ten years."

His friend and colleague Sascha Boampong already has a somewhat more concrete idea. In the interview he reveals: "I've noticed lately that it's important for me to go into silence. The online space is fast, loud and wild. But I've noticed that the really important things in my life are being close to nature, quiet, stillness and contemplation. That's what I want to focus on more in my personal life. Professionally, my vision is to offer location-independent training. I believe there are exciting years ahead as digital nomads."

Dangers of a digital nomad

If you decide to take a free, self-determined life there is one big challenge: your environment. Because your friends and acquaintances usually don't immediately share your Enthusiasm - after all, such a life could be uncertain and unusual. Timo Eckhardt and Sascha Boampong also know how important a motivating environment is. But how do you take your friends and family with you and explain what's going on inside you?

In the interview, Timo Eckhardt explains: "You must not convert or proselytize them, but should convince them through deeds." Sascha Boampong adds: "We must not communicate from above. Just because we've decided to leave the track and turn somewhere else doesn't mean we've moved on. There is no right and wrong there. So be careful not to become a missionary, but communicate your interest and ask for support. I think that's the right approach."

How to convince your partner

But what can you do if the most important person, your partner, is not interested in your own topics - for example business or personal growth? Sascha Boampong: "That is difficult. I myself have experienced that a partner has gone a completely different way. Or to put it another way: I changed and went in a different direction, but my former partner did not. In a partnership, you naturally want to exchange ideas - and if you run into headwinds there, it could be that your partner loves the old version of you that no longer exists."

According to Sascha Boampong, vulnerability and openness are the best methods. The digital nomad says: "You have to be open and honest about it. And if you realize that it's still not working, then you have to give it the benefit of the doubt and go your separate ways." Another option is to find a "witness". Timo Eckhardt explains, "Maybe there is another person who is going the same way as you and who can convince your partner. That way you don't have to convince him yourself, but you can have a neutral person convince him. That works better."

Our conclusion on digital nomadism

Everyone should have the freedom to do what he wants to do. Whether he then actually does it is another story and has a lot to do with the subject of mindset to do. And now tell us in the comments: What do you think about digital nomadism? Is this form of life and work an option for you personally? Or maybe you already live as a digital nomad and can tell us about your experiences? We look forward to your comments!


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