Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "How to get in a good mood right away".

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Ever feel like you'd like a button that instantly puts you in a good mood? A button that, when pressed, would instantly improve your mood? Let's face it, a button like that would be totally helpful and practical, wouldn't it? Dr. Stefan Frädrich agrees. He knows: "We all have just such a button. Maybe you're not aware of it yet or you haven't found it yet, but it really does exist." That's why we'll tell you in this article how to find and use your good mood button. Have fun and lots of good mood on it!

You're your good mood boss

The basis of your good mood button is yourself. You have to make yourself aware that you are the boss of your body. Stefan Frädrich: "You alone decide whether you feel good or bad, whether your mood is positive or negative. You have to internalize that. The rest will then be child's play." The Good Mood Button is all about replacing your negative feelings with positive ones. In doing so, you go deep inside yourself and think positive in your mind. You counter your negative feeling with something positive. Stefan Frädrich knows: "Your feeling follows your thoughts and your perception. So your thoughts determine how you feel."

Your thoughts control your mood

You can roughly compare this with your inner bastard compare. Want a small example? All right: the alarm clock rings and your weaker self makes you press the snooze button. You can repeat this as often as you like - it doesn't make getting up any better. In the end, you might even be too late and therefore in a really bad mood. Stefan Frädrich has a simple solution: "But if you get up in the morning and think that today will be a good day, then the day will be good."

Good mood button: Put yourself in a good mood at the right moments!

Dr. Stefan Frädrich

So the secret of the good mood button is to think good thoughts at the right moments. All you need now is the right method. This method varies from person to person - everyone has their own buttons for good mood. But there are a few universal examples that work for almost everyone. And of course we don't want to deprive you of them at this point.

1. look at photos

Photography is a wonderful invention. It lets us capture situations for eternity. After all, almost everyone likes to look at pictures of beautiful moments, right? The best thing is that as soon as you look at the pictures and think back to the great moments, you relive the situation in your mind. That's exactly what you can use to instantly put yourself in a good mood.

For example, in difficult situations it helps to look at pictures of people who give you support and encouragement. Positive energy give. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "I look at photos of my family, for example." Perhaps this is also the right method for you to get into a good mood straight away. Give it a try!

2. good mood tip: call your loved ones

Whether it's with your best friend, your partner, a parent, or another loved one, depending on the situation, it can help to talk things out, ask for advice, or just talk. This way, the person you're talking to can cheer you up, even if they're not sitting next to you. Thanks to video calls, you can even see the other person in real time. And since almost everyone has a smartphone within reach at all times, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to recapture your good mood.

3. listen to a melody

Songs and melodies not only transmit sounds that enter your auditory system, but also emotions. The classic example is the summer song you heard all the time on your summer vacation. Even in the dead of winter, it brings back your beach feeling and some warmth. The music can bring back the positive feeling you felt at that moment in an instant.

You can even consciously search for good mood songs. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "During my research, I came across the song 'Körperzellen Rock' by Günther Sturm. It literally became my mantra and I replay it over and over again in my head when I'm in a bad mood."

4. find a scent

Scents can also affect your state of mind. Pleasant scents, for example, have a calming effect, whereas unpleasant scents can significantly worsen your mood. Take a look at which room scents, bath salts or perfumes you particularly like. Find out which scent improves your mood and thus represents a button for you. Once you have found it, you can immediately influence your mood at any time.

5. keeps you in a good mood: collect memories

You probably know the situation: You remember a beautiful moment. The feeling of that time flows through your body. From one moment to the next, you start to smile. What triggered this feeling? Possibly by a person, an object or a situation. That's exactly what you can influence yourself! The next time you are in a bad mood, consciously think back to nice moments. Collect memories and use them at the right time to put you in a good mood. The method is super simple and very effective. Does it work for you too?


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