Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher

Negotiation expert and professor of leadership and organization

About Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher

Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher

Dr. Jack Nasher is a professor of leadership and organization at Munich Business School, a speaker, and the author of numerous books. 

Especially through works like "The Art of Showing Competence", "Deal! You give me what I want" or "The morality of happiness" he was able to reach a large audience. He has also been a frequent guest on various television programs. These included programs such as Stern TV, Planet Wissen and TV Total. 

In his work, Jack deals with various topics related to communication. Among other things, he specializes in negotiation training, debunking lies, and leadership training. 

Another area in which he gives lectures and seminars is applied perception illusion (mentalism). This involves, among other things, suggestive verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication techniques with which a conversation can be steered in the desired direction, for example.

As an expert in the Greator Business Coach Training he teaches participants how to convince other people and enforce their desired fees.

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Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher on the Greator stage

Influence people: How to influence the opinion of others

Ever wanted to know how to influence people to make decisions in your favor? Then Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher's keynote is just right for you! In it, the negotiation professional explains how important perceived competence is and how you can maximize your success at work and in everyday life with simple tricks.

How we negotiate better

Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher, who has taught at Oxford and Munich Business School, is known to many as the "Pope of Lies" (WDR), who is able to unmask his counterpart between the lines. Now he uses his great knowledge of human nature to give you the most important tools for negotiations.

How we recognize the truth in every conversation

Using the latest findings from science and many practical examples, "Liar Pope" Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher impressively shows how you can see through lies and find out the truth in the shortest possible time. The business psychologist and lawyer lectures for companies worldwide, graduated from and taught at Oxford University, and is Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior at Munich Business School. His books have become bestsellers in more than half a dozen countries - from Austria to China. You will benefit from his tips. Straight up!

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