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In order to develop our full potential and reach even more people, we have decided to take new steps with THANKANK YOU. We have developed as a company and would like to take a big step towards the future together with our community. With a new name and a new look we can achieve even more, enable even more people to reach their full potential. As Greator we will inspire you with already known and new offers, support your growth, guide you and connect you with people who are just like you. 

We can promise you: We will remain true to our purpose, our corporate purpose! The self-realization of our community is our top priority - in everything we do. At the same time, our team will of course remain the same. We continue to pull together to bring you to your full potential! By taking the step away from THANK YOU to Greator, we are leaving behind a name that has accompanied us for many years. And a look that you still know very well. But we guarantee that you can expect the same - maybe even better - quality than before. You will still be able to use all the content that you have used before. And you will continue to enjoy positive thoughts at Greator. That is a promise!

With the change to Greator we have new Coaching offers that will make you even more powerful. As part of the Greator community you will be able to get in touch with even more like-minded people and get to know new products that are tailored to your needs. For example, we have just launched our own Coaching Training to the start. With Greator Coach you first unfold your full potential - and then that of many other people. The Greator App will also be published shortly and will help you in your everyday life with your personal improvement support. We promise you, - and we do so with full conviction - that you will benefit as part of our community from the transformation from THANKANK YOU to Greator. 

Greator is a neologism composed of the words "greatness" and "creator". In a sense, you become the creator of your greatness. Since it might not be clear how to pronounce Greator, you can listen to the audio track here:

In 2021, we are organizing with the Greator Festival the world's largest festival for personal development. If you want to know more about it, click here.

We also remain true to our roots with the THANKANK YOU NIGHTS Speakers' Nights at the Volksbühne in Cologne. Here you will meet the speakers of tomorrow, who have new stories for you in their luggage. You want to learn more about them? Then click here.

In fact, we have plans to offer products in other languages in the future. However, as we are currently continuing to focus on our existing and newly published offers, we cannot yet say when this will be the case. It is certain that in the future there will also be English offers from Greator. Which other languages will be added and when this will happen, we cannot say at this time.

Absolutely! Of course you will still be able to use our current and new offers completely in German. All videos and podcasts will also remain and will continue to be produced in German for the time being. 

Our YouTube channel and also our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram will also be converted to Greator. However, all content will remain the same. In the future you can still look forward to the release of great speakers with moving keynotes and interesting topics.

Here we can tell you directly: You will be able to continue using all contents as usual. The Business Factory will remain completely intact - with all its offers. 

Since it was previously under the roof of GEDANKENtanken, it is now simply placed under the roof of Greator. So as a member of Business Factory and Business Factory Online you can continue to enjoy all the great benefits of the largest platform for your independence 🙂

You will still be able to use your LIFE products such as the 99 weeks coaching with Stefan or our personality test. However, you can now find these offers on our Greator website under Greator Coaching. The LIFE brand now has the incredible chance to be fully integrated into Greator. And we firmly believe that this is the way to really unfold its full potential. 

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