Inner peace: How to slow down and find it again

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Inner peace: How to slow down and find it again

Higher, better, further: Our world is developing at breakneck speed and has developed an extreme momentum of its own in recent years. Economic and social processes are changing more rapidly than ever before. Everyday life is becoming increasingly complex not only for companies, employers and organizations, but also for each individual: Our jobs are becoming more demanding, life is becoming more hectic and the people around us are becoming more stressed. Inner peace - what is it?

And while we strive to be as efficient as possible, social networks suggest that we also have to post as many selfies and collect hundreds of likes as possible. In short, we live in a fast-paced time where permanent progress and necessary relaxation seem to be difficult to reconcile. This creates a feeling of tension and pressure, through which we lose our inner center in the long run. But there is another way!

For more inner peace: deceleration in everyday life

Fortunately, various counter-movements are establishing themselves in parallel, striving for calm and a return to inner balance. Their common goal is deceleration. Some of these social and cultural counter-movements are, for example, Slow Food, Cittàslow, Slowretail and Slow Travel. They are about slowness, conscious perception, consistency, sustainability and mindful interaction with yourself, your fellow human beings and nature. The Slow movement is therefore intended to help restore balance to our hectic world.

5 tips for inner peace

But you can also do a few things to slow down in small ways. This doesn't mean that you should block out reality and declare war on the outside world. On the contrary: if you have found or rediscovered your inner peace, you will be much more balanced, focused and efficient in everyday life. You think more positively and feel more relaxed. Now you can find out which tricks and behavioural tips you can use to slow down and finally find inner peace.

1. control your thoughts

The biggest cause of Stress are unpleasant thoughts. Your brain enables you to solve complex problems, but at the same time it encourages many new problems. Because restlessness, imbalance and discontent are often the result of a negative mindset. If you are plagued by fears about the future, worries, self-doubt or feelings of guilt, it is difficult for you to let go and relax. Our brain doesn't differentiate between real Stress and mental stress that exists only in your head when you worry about something.

But worrying is actually completely superfluous. Because the vast majority of our fears never become reality. And if they do occur, you develop a completely new energy depending on the situation, which you don't even know yet. So why get upset before anything has happened? It's just costing you energy that you could be using for something much more meaningful. As soon as you become aware of how important it is to control your thoughts, you come a big step closer to your inner peace.

2. for inner peace: enjoy more consciously

Life is all about the little moments. It's not about chasing one highlight after the next, but about finding happiness in the everyday. Perhaps you know situations in which you suddenly feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment? This happens, for example, when the sun shines warmly on your face on the way to work, you enjoy a delicious meal or treat yourself to a cool shower after a strenuous workout.

Learn to capture these moments and be grateful for them. If you manage to consciously enjoy the small everyday happiness, you will automatically slow down. Because in these moments you concentrate fully on the beauty and allow yourself valuable breaks and restful time out. Conscious enjoyment is balm for your soul and a wonderful way to create inner peace.

3. do not compare yourself

Comparing is human - and yet it promotes your well-being in very few cases. Because there will always be someone who is more successful, smarter, more athletic or financially better positioned than you. On the other hand, as we all know, the grass is always greener. Even if you're only comparing yourself to yourself (or an idea of yourself), you're not really coming off very well. After all, there's always something you could tweak.

Comparisons also land you in the 'if, then' trap mentally. It's like, "If I'm successful and climb the career ladder, then I'll be happy." Or, "If I'm financially secure, then I'm living the good life." These beliefs relate to points in the future and drive you. This in turn causes pressure and acceleration. If, on the other hand, you want to slow down and find your inner peace, you should avoid superfluous comparisons and 'if, then' sentences.

4. meditate regularly

Another way to consciously slow down your everyday life is to meditate. Because during a Meditation you focus on your inner self and leave the hectic, fast-moving outside for a short time. There are many different types of meditation. If you have not yet had any contact with meditation, it is advisable to start with simple breathing exercises.

Take five minutes, inhale deeply and exhale relaxed. Concentrate solely on your breath and let your thoughts flow without directing them in any particular direction. Embark on a journey to yourself. The more often you integrate these small but intense time-outs into your stressful everyday life, the more relaxed and calm you will become.

5. develop an inner strength

He who has inner strength is mentally strong, rests in himself and does not let himself be thrown off course by anything or anyone. Hectic, stress and tension literally bounce off him and difficulties on the outside do not affect his inside negatively. But how do you gain this incredibly positive power, the inner strength? In any case, not from one day to the next.

It is a long process in which you must free yourself from the opinions of others and stop comparing yourself. You must learn not to make your personal happiness dependent on other people or external circumstances. And you should develop a positive mindset to change negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones. The good news is that you can have a blissful state of mind and inner strength can be learned and acquired step by step. In this way you become mentally invincible and attain inner peace.

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