10 tips for a fulfilled life and inner satisfaction

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10 tips for a fulfilled life and inner satisfaction

Imagine you get up in the morning and can hardly wait for the day to start. You are full of energy and are looking forward to what will happen today. In the evening, you lie down in bed with a smile on your lips and would prefer not to sleep at all because you simply don't want to miss any of these great moments. Do you feel the same way? Congratulations, then you lead a fulfilled life!

Or is it more like this for you? You're rushing from one appointment to the next, just doing your time at work and your bed is your best friend, which you look forward to all day. In the morning you wake up in a bad mood and just want to throw your alarm clock into the corner and sleep for hours. You have absolutely no Motivationto face up to your life. If this scenario is more likely to apply to you, then it's high time to turn your everyday life around.

How you can finally lead a fulfilled life that makes you happy and provides both mental and spiritual well-being, you will learn here!

What is a fulfilled life?

Who exactly determines what a fulfilled life looks like? Well, you alone! What do you want for yourself? Is it countless exciting experiences, great moments with your loved ones or a job that you enjoy? Does your perfect life consist of a large family living in a beautiful house and a bevy of pets?

How a fulfilled life is shaped is a very individual matter. Every person has different desires. The life that one of your friends leads can be totally fulfilling for him, but not at all interesting for you. So first ask yourself the question: What makes you really happy? What is worth getting up for in the morning, and what will make you feel good? Smile on the lips?

Listen inside yourself

There is a mistake that an incredible number of people make day after day: They live their lives only superficially and simply don't take the time to question things and delve into the depths of their own Needs to penetrate. But this is exactly the only right way to a fulfilled life. The more intensively you deal with your innermost desires, the sooner you will realize what the world has to offer you.

So go deep inside yourself and ask yourself under what circumstances you would consider your life to be really meaningful in a very profound way. What do you think is your purpose on this earth? Of course, you can't answer this question overnight, and you don't have to. What is important is that you take the time to deal with your needs and desires. They pave the way to your fulfilled life.

fulfilled life definition

What qualities help us live a fulfilling life?

In order for you to be able to master the journey to your fulfilled life, a few character traits are very helpful, if not indispensable. In most cases changes and to implement them, the following features become gamechangers.

1. be brave!

To finally live a fulfilled life, you need one thing above all: a good dose of courage. We've all heard the saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." As trite as it may be, there is a great deal of truth in it. If you keep yourself trapped in your comfort zone, and xenophobia you are denying yourself your fulfilled life.

There is nothing at all to be afraid of, because all the changes that are coming are for your own good. So be brave and try something new! Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Do one thing every day that scares you."

2. for a full life: be grateful!

Are you actually aware of all the great things you already have? Your family, your friends, your health, your home, your pets - don't you care about them all? Maybe you wouldn't describe your current life as 100 % fulfilling yet, but it certainly isn't completely unfulfilling either, is it? At times when you doubt or get lost in thoughts of dissatisfaction, consider all the things you already care about. be grateful you can.

3. think positive!

The more often you reflect on the things that make your life beautiful right now, the more positive your basic attitude will become. Your thought processes determine your life. How can it change for the better if you only think negatively? Fill your thoughts with everything that is good for you and your soul.

Of course, you will always face hurdles that have an unpleasant aftertaste. But if you still manage to stay positive, you will succeed in seeing an opportunity behind it to shape your life better. And then you will find yourself on the best path towards fulfillment.

4. be patient!

What is to become good takes time. You will not lead a fulfilled life from one day to the next. Every day, new situations arise that you cannot influence. But you have the possibility to decide between two scenarios: Do you want to bury your head in the sand and face your Fears or do you face the situation courageously?

If you have made this choice, everything will come as it should and you just have to let it happen. Now is Patience asked. You will grow with each of these situations and each challenge that you master will bring you closer and closer to your fulfilled life. So go this way step by step and you will see, the patience is worth it.

5 Fulfilled life: Practice forgiveness!

There are things that make you so incredibly angry that you simply can't forget them. You want to take revenge, true to the motto: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." In some situations, this urge is completely understandable. But does it do you any good at all to seek revenge and dwell on these negative thoughts forever?

This kind of thinking will definitely not make you happy. It robs you of an incredible amount of energy and, of course, time. You could invest both much more sensibly: Namely, in the journey to your fulfilled life.

So learn to let go and practice forgiveness. This trait shows strength and true greatness. All the strength you now save, you use all for yourself and you will see, you run towards the life you dream of, immediately in significantly larger steps.

Fulfilled life tips

10 tips for a fulfilled life

We have already discussed it: A fulfilled life means something different for everyone. And that's a good thing, because how boring would it be if we all lived the same life? So don't see our 10 tips as a set-in-stone guide, but rather as a Inspiration and assistance that will lead you closer and closer to your dreams.

1. get to know yourself

"You want me to know myself? But I've known myself for X years!" Is that what you're thinking right now? Yes, it's understandable. Sure, you've been spending your whole life with yourself but have you ever done any deep introspection?

Do you even know what you secretly really want? Are you 100 % honest with yourself or are you hiding behind a facade that you haven't even looked behind yet? Only when you have found out who you really are and what you long for, can you take the path to a fulfilled life.

2. start journal writing

The first phase of the Self-discovery can be quite confusing. So write down your findings and keep a journal! Basically, this is a kind of diary for adults. You write down everything that's on your mind, what's going on in your mind, and how you've been acting about it. This helps you identify patterns and figure out what's really good for you and what's not.

3. for a fulfilled life: Indulge in your favorite hobbies

What do you like to do most in your free time, or what would you like to do if you weren't caught in the daily grind? This is exactly what you should do on a regular basis. Give yourself the space to really get into it.

You can completely forget about time and give yourself up to your happiness rush. Allow yourself to be completely absorbed in this activity and you will see how your body fills up with happy hormones. If this hobby does not bring you to such a state, then you clearly know that it will not be a building block for your fulfilled life.

4. dare to leave your comfort zone

You actually have hobbies that let you sink fully into your own world? Great, then you have mastered another step towards a fulfilled life! But then it's time to Leave comfort zone. If you always set yourself new challenges, then you will constantly expand this zone and at some point hardly anything will be able to upset you.

The things that really fulfill you are not always within your comfort zone, because the path to them has hurdles. But if you don't overcome them, you'll never get there and live the life you've always wanted. So break out and integrate all these new things into your personal comfort zone!

5. keep reflecting on all that you already have.

So often the best things are right in front of you. I'm sure you've already had a lot of good things happen to you in your life, but you've taken them for granted. So it can't hurt to remind yourself every once in a while that there are people who really have it bad.

There are children who have no parents and go hungry. There are girls who are not allowed to enjoy education and there are people who live on the streets. A family, a roof over one's head, health and an education are privileges in many parts of the world. So be grateful for it. Your thoughts will quickly turn positive and your life will feel a lot more fulfilling.

6. build social contacts

We humans are pack animals and have been since time immemorial. Millions of years ago, we grouped together because we were stronger together than alone. Today, we come together because social contacts do us good. They are true balm for the soul.

We need people with whom we can laugh and in whom we can confide. Security also triggers in us a beautiful warm feeling. They make up a large part of a fulfilled life. So don't neglect your social contacts and maintain your friendships.

7. fulfilling life: Ban toxic people from your life

Surely you also know people who simply rob you of an incredible amount of energy, but from whom you never get anything back. They drain you of all energy and joy, but somehow you can't let go of them either. Exactly these are toxic relationships. You could invest all this energy much more sensibly, namely in yourself! So just let go and reflect on your true friends.

8. meditate

Meditations offer you a break from your hectic everyday life. These moments belong to you alone and no one else. You are relaxed, pay attention only to yourself and can finally come to rest. If you allow yourself such breaks again and again, in which everything revolves around you, this will help you to achieve a more balanced inner life. You become more relaxed and can keep a cool head even in challenging situations - the perfect prerequisites for a fulfilled life.

9. take care of your health

For most, a full life means a life full of energy for all the great things the world has in store. A long life is of course also a beautiful thing. But you can only have all that if you take care of yourself and your body.

You don't have to become a marathon runner, don't worry. You can have more than just fruits and vegetables on your plate. The important thing is that you keep your body moving and don't just feed yourself unhealthy things. Take care of yourself and you will see, the energy will just flow through you!

10. create rituals for yourself

Man is a creature of habit, and that's exactly what you can use to your advantage. All the things that you think characterize a fulfilled life, you let become routines step by step. For example, you love to read, but somehow you never get around to it, even though you actually have the time? Then set a time that belongs only to you and your books, and your reading time will quickly become part of your daily routine.


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