GEDANKENtanken is now Greator

We live in challenging times. And just then it is important not to lose sight of oneself. Because we are convinced that life is all about developing your own potential. And you can do this if you dissolve old patterns, overcome blocking ways of thinking and break through inner limitations. This is what GEDANKENtanken.

How do you really want to live your life?

Now is the time to ask yourself the right questions. You may ask yourself what you stand for and which values are really important to you. By doing so, you release an unstoppable energy that wants to be used - so that you can be the best version of yourself. Because if you really live out what is inside of you, you are guaranteed to lead a happy, successful - and above all, fulfilled life

To achieve this, it is up to all of us to be open to new things and to allow growth - inside and outside. To do this, you need the courage to change and the willingness to take the next steps. But these steps often cannot be planned in advance and arise along the way.

GEDANKENtanken is now Greator [ɡreɪ.t̬ɚ]

Because, in order to be able to develop one's own potential to the full, the old may give way. Only there can new and more beautiful things emerge. The same, which applies to each individual, also applies to companies and organisations. We, too, are always allowed to develop further - so that we, too, can fully develop our greatest potential

And here we are at this moment. GEDANKENtanken may take bold and important steps right now. In this way we are creating space for great things - and perhaps greater things - to happen. This will create new horizons and new exciting possibilities.

We are taking a determined step towards the future:

GEDANKENtanken is now Greator!

With this something really big is created! It creates a movement in which we support each other to develop our full potential.

Because from "greatness" and "creator" becomes GreatorBecome the creator of your great life!

Self-realization is the Greator first priority

You may wonder what the new name and the new look of GEDANKENtanken for you changes. And we can promise you We will remain true to our purpose, our corporate purpose! The self-realization of our community is our top priority - in everything we do. 

As Greator we will inspire you with already known and new offers, support your growth, guide you and connect you with people who are like you. 

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible around the world. We want to enable everyone to come into their full power to realize themselves. With our own Greator app we will bring personality development into your everyday life. This way you can be inspired by the greatest coaches at any time and anywhere, who will provide you with valuable impulses for your self-realization - whenever you need it.

Greator App

It's in you

Personal development with the Greator app anytime and anywhere. With top coaches on your smartphone.

GreatorFill up with positive thoughts together!

We want to build an international community of people who support each other. Who reach their full potential, who realize their dreams and lead a happy and fulfilled life. We want to empower you to live the life you want to live - and that you may not even know is out there waiting for you.

Watch the trailer here and dive into the new Greator-world!

Help others to reach their full potential

Right now it is important that we support each other. Because this is how we can fully develop our own potential - and then help others to grow beyond their own limits.

And this is exactly why we have launched our training as a Greator coach. From now on we train coaches who come into their own strongest power to accompany other people on their way to a happy life. 

So now you have the chance to change the lives of many people in your environment in a positive way. 

Become part of the movement and learn more about how you can become a Greator coach in our free webinar!

Greator Coach

Unfold your full potential

Become a coach yourself and come into your greatest power. Guide other people on the way to their self-realization. Everything with the coach training of Greator. 


We've got big plans! In addition to the release of the Greator app and the start of the Greator coach training, we are organizing the world's largest personal development festival in 2021.

We bundle all our experience of the last years into an international event for your self-realization. At the Greator festival we celebrate together with the greatest coaches and top speakers the connection between professional and personal development. Here you are guaranteed to outgrow yourself and break out into new horizons through a mix of moving keynotes, intensive workshops and an incredible community.

Greator Festival

Greator Festival


Celebrate with us! 3 days at the world's largest festival for personal development. #growtogether

There are extremely exciting times ahead! You are part of it. We will continue to inspire you and provide you with the impulses you need for your happy and contented life - on the next level.

Be part of something Greator!

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