Gereon Jörn 2/3: Awaken potentials & activate self-healing

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Gereon Jörn 2/3: Awaken potentials & activate self-healing

Sometimes you carry the root of an evil you haven't pulled yet with you through life. Says Gereon Jörn. And not infrequently, this evil catches up with you again and again. But there are also people with the ability to cope with crises and grow thanks to them. Of course, these people also suffer, but on the whole they cope with crises and strokes of fate much better than others. This ability is referred to as Resilience. So the question arises, what makes resilient people different from others?

Gereon Jörn knows the answer: "In non-resilient people, the distance between stimulus and reaction is very small. Or to put it another way: Resilient people have exactly the same stimulus, but create a distance between the stimulus and their reaction. And that distance brings them the opportunity to question what the stimulus means to them and what it does to them." According to the expert, reactions are protective programs and comparable to inner guards that wants to protect you. While non-resilient people react extremely quickly, resilient people reflect longer before acting.

Gereon Jörn: "I am a Potential alarm clock on the move"

The role of the teacher and the role of the coach are completely different. Gereon Jörn has been through them both and knows the differences. He reveals: "The healers of the past healed people. The healers of the future teach people to heal themselves. And that's where I see myself: showing other people their inner doctor so they can heal themselves. I am a potential awakener and teach people how to heal their Potential exhaust. Accordingly, show them a path that they may then walk on their own."

Humor is a wonderful way to convey information.

Gereon Jörn

Gereon Jörn himself has also developed through his work and the various roles in his field of work. In the interview he says: "I am very entertaining on stage. Because with humor you can convey information wonderfully. You have to use emotions as a truck for information. In the meantime, however, I no longer only give seminars, but have also discovered other areas for myself. I wanted to know why some people are knowledge giants but implementation dwarfs and block themselves. As a result, I have embarked on a new journey."

"Have more courage, less doubt!"

The expert is convinced that coaching is very effective for many people. For some people, however, it is necessary to go deeper. Gereon Jörn says: "I have always wanted to accompany people and make their world easier by changing perspectives and revealing attitudes. That's why I embarked on the journey back then, to delve into topics like self-worth, Self-love and confidence going in. I want to get people to have more courage and less doubt."


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