Attract Happiness - How to bring contentment into your life

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Attract Happiness - How to bring contentment into your life

Can happiness be attracted? Can I become a magnet for a fulfilled life? How does it work - to attract or repel happiness?

The answer to these really exciting questions, we would like to answer you in today's article. We want to show you how to develop strategies to attract happiness and finally live the life you've always longed for.

Attract luck - your charisma decides

Can you attract happiness? If so, which methods really lead to the goal? Before we answer these questions, we need to take a look at our energy cloud.

Because every human being is more than just his body. A human being is a walking energy field. This energy expresses itself in vibrations.

I'm sure you too have had the experience of a stranger walking into the room and thinking to yourself: "Wow, that's a great person. I'd like to get to know her better."

Of course, the opposite can also be true. You meet someone new and think to yourself: "Uh, no, I don't want anything to do with him in any way."

Happiness is therefore not a product of chance. This means that you can attract happiness by Influence on your energy field and thus channel into your life the things you long for.

What stands in the way of our happiness?

"The way we perceive people is shaped by our childhood. For example, if you had a very dominant father, then you react to dominant people either positively or negatively," explains Walter Hommelsheim. He is a trainer of the Greator Coach Education and knows, "It usually depends on what your relationship is with your father."

Accordingly, our experiences shape whether we attract or repel happiness. Deep in our subconscious, experiences have been imprinted that ultimately affect our energy field.

"But this also means that you can influence your energy field yourself. The decisive keyword in this context is Mindfulness"says Walter.

How do you react in certain situations? Do you withdraw? Do you not show yourself to feel safe? Do you come to the fore and talk about your achievements just to feel safe?

Every human being has such behavior patterns. Behind them is the ego, which wants to feel safe because it craves recognition.

Depending on what you are experiencing, you have an energy that attracts or repels other people. Or in other words: If you are full of negative thoughts that direct you, you cannot attract happiness.

Attract happiness - Your mindset decides

Your energy can vary massively in different areas of life. At work, you can feel self-confident and this Self-confidence radiate to the outside. Here, experiences from the past play a supporting role.

In private you are rather shy, unsafe and reserved. These behaviors can in turn have a negative effect on your love life. Here, too, experiences from your past play a supporting role.

Above all, positive experiences help you attract happiness and live your life your way.

Our minimum plays a major role here. What is your minimum in the major areas of life such as career, partnership, health and friendship?

Let's take a closer look at two examples in this context.

  • How much money would you need to earn in the next year to be happy and financially free? If your answer is, for example, 10,000 euros per month, then this is the frame of reference in which you are moving. This is a subconscious alignment of what you think is realistic. A higher sum that is outside of your frame of reference, on the other hand, you will not reach.
  • Now let's take a look at another example. What is your attitude towards relationships? Do relationships even work? Does everlasting love really exist? What are your opinions about the gender you are attracted to? How do you feel about your life partner?

For example, if you only think negatively about love, then you will send that out into the world through your energy cloud. You will only meet partners who harm you and make you unhappy. With a positive attitude in time, however, you will meet someone who suits you and makes you happy.

Attracting happiness therefore also means aligning yourself with happiness. In the next section you will learn what role clarity plays in this.

attract luck

How you can attract happiness through clarity

Clarity is an important factor in attracting luck. The first thing to do is to answer two important questions. What goals do you have? And do these goals go hand in hand with your inner values?

Here are a few interesting questions to guide you:

  • Have you already found your dream partner? What should it be like?
  • Do you want to live healthier? What do you do for your health?
  • Do you have enough money? What do you do to increase your money?
  • Are you working in your dream job? What are you doing to achieve this goal?
  • Do you surround yourself with people who enrich your life in a lasting way?

What is the reason Do not reach goalsalthough we actually know exactly what we want?

Here comes the Comfort zone into play. This means that if you want to reach a new level of energy, then you may also embark on new paths.

The key with which you can attract happiness is therefore outside your current habits and behaviour patterns.

So what are you really doing to achieve your life vision? What are you doing that is going against your life vision? Are you really in your position to let your ego get in the way successful and have the courage to tread new paths?

If you answer "yes" to these questions and bring more clarity into your life, you will attract happiness and finally be the person you've always wanted to be.

Hero Story: How Anna banished unhappiness from her life

When Anna entered puberty, her body changed. Suddenly she gained weight and no longer felt comfortable in her skin.

At school, she was embarrassed to wear shorts because she was afraid of being laughed at by her classmates.

From month to month Anna's attitude towards life changed more and more. She became more and more unhappy. She was only a shadow of her former self.

One evening she stood in front of the mirror and asked herself: "Why is my body doing this to me? Why can't I be as slim as all the other girls in my class?"

These beliefs led Anna into a negative spiral of thoughts. She was sure that she would forever unhappy would remain.

One day, on her way home, she met an old friend from kindergarten. In the past, this friend had been quite chubby. Today, however, she had a top figure.

Anna couldn't hold back any longer. "Listen, how did you manage to get so skinny? I think that's really great.", Anna praised her and inquired curiously at the same time.

"Oh, you know.", her friend replied. "I eventually got tired of feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to create my own future and from that point on, everything in my life really changed."

Anna was very touched by these words. She took her friend's statement to heart and made a decision: she wanted to shape her own life and likewise attract happiness.

From then on, she changed her diet and exercised regularly. After a few months, Anna reached her desired weight.

But not only her appearance changed. Her charisma was also different. Anna was a changed woman! She enjoyed life and beamed over both ears. For she had succeeded in becoming the designer of her life.

Conclusion: Attracting happiness can be learned through the right mindset

In this article you have learned how to attract happiness and shape your own life through clarity. We would like to continue to support you on this path.

If you are now really hungry to change something in your life, then find out more about our Greator coach training. You now know what a great influence positive and negative beliefs can have on your entire life. But always be aware that in the end only you decide what you believe in. It is possible to transform negative beliefs. Admittedly, this requires courage and perseverance on your part. However, it is worth taking the necessary steps.

Life inventory

To support you on your way, we recommend our Greator Coach Training. Find outYou will learn what really drives you, what your true goals are, and what fears and beliefs are blocking you. This kind of self-knowledge is elementary to let go of negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Only if you know where your goal lies, you can create the right conditions.

Your trainers Walter and Christina Hommelsheim show you step by step how to spice up your life. How much energy do you put into your job or your relationship? What are you missing? Maybe it's friendships, maybe relationships - you can only find out if you start taking stock of your life now.

You will see how quickly you get clarity for more and more areas in your life. And above all: How you come closer to your visions step by step. You have probably never before dealt with your visions in such detail. Beliefs and fears... Open yourself to it! Look forward to wonderful Meditationsthat will pick you up where you are right now. Does this sound interesting to you? Here you can find more information about the Greator Coach Training.


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