I support young leaders to find their own style and to lead their team in their very own way, independent of old structures and norms that do not suit them. I've experienced it myself: straight into a leadership role after finishing my doctorate - initially without much help or preparation. For me, it worked because I took care of my own development and was thus able to build my team in the way I thought made the most sense for us. However, there are currently very few offers for young talents who want to develop into leadership and they are usually left alone with this new challenge. This is exactly where my coaching comes in. We work out in a structured and very individual way where they stand, where they want to go and what it takes to get there. Together we approach the biggest challenges in a structured and results-oriented way, never missing empathy and fun in growth and development.

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As a business and life coach, I am passionate about helping technicians (engineers, scientists, computer scientists, ...) deal with the challenges that each individual faces. Helping them grow and become effective, recognized and balanced as leaders is what drives me. To motivate teams, develop high-performance teams and thus make the entire organization more effective and successful is my goal.

As a person, trusting and open cooperation is important to me. I like performance and result orientation, but fun and togetherness must not be missing in the work.

My drive is to build bridges for technicians and create real change through personal growth that gets results.

I stand for challenge and result orientation - as well as for empathy and fun.

As a coach, I am first and foremost very emphatic and listen to you carefully.
Through my structured approach, we quickly bring order to your chaotic thoughts and feelings.
Together we identify the problem and find a customized solution for you.
Whether it's a lack of confidence or a lack of organization, we'll find the perfect way for you.
So that you can implement your ideas and finally realize your projects and dreams.

Do you like to avoid conflicts and instead want to do everything right for everyone in harmony, but it doesn't work out? Is your self-confidence gnawing at you, are you driven by fears, do you lack the courage to step out of your comfort zone? Then we are on the same level. In the course of my personal development, especially in my life coach training, I was able to free myself from many of the burned-in beliefs. Found fun in new tasks and challenges again, discovered hidden abilities. So I didn't hesitate for long and completed the business coach training as well.

With you I would like to look at your challenges in the private, professional and personal area and, if necessary, pave new goals/paths for you.
In my work, the values of openness, trust, discretion and respectful interaction are very important to me. There is much more in you than you think! Do not react - act, become the initiator. I am looking forward to you!

In a world where often the most successful people are those who are the loudest and most convincing, I help the quiet people who are full of self-doubt to recognize their value and strengths.

I open ways to more understanding and interaction at eye level in the business environment as well as in private life. Away from the elbow mentality, towards goal orientation and meaningfulness and ultimately to more well-being.
I give people a space where they can be who they want to be. In which they can work on their goals to find out what is really important to them and what their individual path can be. Away from "this is how it has to be", towards "this is how it fits best for me".

It is a matter of my heart to lead people into their full potential and to enable them to lead a life that is tailor-made to their, until now, perhaps hidden ideas, be it professionally or privately.

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