With my calm manner, I give the coachee space to develop their own ideas and grow beyond themselves. The joy of learning is the ultimate goal. With the resulting ease, every learning material becomes simply "strange". Learning goals and suitable units are determined and set together with the coachee.

Are you ready to make your learning journey a positive one? I am here to support children on their exciting journey. As a mom, I know the hurdles of school learning in everyday life. Discover with me how you can overcome these hurdles. For me, the three elements of movement, emotions and system are the key to a successful learning experience.

I am a mom of 3 children myself and my children and their school experiences were my motivation for training as a learning coach. This led to my mission: to teach other children that learning is not just frustration, stress and pressure, but can actually be fun - with technology and methodology.

As a coach, I am first and foremost curious: curious about the coachee, their resources and the solutions. The coachee's concerns and goals always take center stage. My repertoire of methods is broad by profession and is expanded individually thanks to creativity. My fairly straightforward biography does not prevent me from thinking outside the box or having a wide range of interests. In my professional life, I am a teacher and seminar teacher. In my free time, I am passionate about being a decent sister, friend and salsa dancer.

I will show you the way to make learning and living easy and fun again. Through targeted movement and brain training, I will help you achieve greater attention, creativity, focus and stress resilience. If personal or professional issues arise, let's take a look together. Grow beyond yourself and become sustainably happy. Book a free initial consultation with me to see together where and how I can support you. I look forward to seeing you and our journey together.

As an experienced learning coach, mental trainer and hypnotist, I will help you on your individual journey to discover and realize your full potential. With over 4500 hours of coaching and a passion for continuous learning, I create unique solutions tailored specifically to your needs. I work with a combination of innovative learning methods, in-depth hypnosis techniques and proven mental training strategies. These methods are perfect for boosting your learning skills, managing stress, alleviating anxiety and overcoming sleep problems. I place great emphasis on a playful yet effective approach to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. Discover more at

I always want to encourage the children to find their own solutions, to stand up for themselves and to be independent. I am the suitcase that provides them with the tools, but they should learn to use and work with them themselves. Only those who find the right solution for themselves will retain the joy of new things and always enjoy learning.

Humor and serenity are very important to me. Life is "strict" enough in many areas. That's why lightness in terms of learning is my top priority - and, of course, the person who wants to learn. If I can make my counterpart laugh, then I have already achieved a lot - and so has the coachee. And then a pleasant journey towards new learning experiences can begin.

I am a big fan of communication and attach great importance to listening and understanding. That's why my toolbox includes: active listening, questioning techniques, motivational and supportive measures.

I see in every child a unique potential just waiting to be discovered and developed. What sets me apart: Empathy: I understand the unique needs and challenges that children and teens face. My empathy allows me to build a trusting relationship where they feel safe and supported. // Fun learning: learning should be fun! I design my coaching sessions to be not only educational, but also fun. This makes learning an exciting journey that never gets boring. // Individuality: I take into account each child's strengths and weaknesses. //Motivation: I inspire a passion for learning through inspirational techniques. // Goal Orientation: Together we set clear goals and create a plan to achieve them. // Communication: Collaboration with parents and school is crucial for me.

I am happy to impart the treasure of the different ways of learning. My profession as a master optician has always had the task of imparting knowledge to trainees, which gets a whole other dimension through the training as a learning coach. I look forward to your message and to our getting to know 😃

With me, the fun is in the foreground. A laugh is very important to me. Nevertheless, life can be very serious and here it is important to focus on the important things. With order and structure as well as the right mindset you can become a hero and have a lot of fun.

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