Hey, good to have you here!
I'm Annika & have worked in social work in the field of mental illness for some time and then later got my own diagnosis. I went beyond my limits again and again: Put everything else but myself 1st, until I ended up in burnout. All the experiences & insights shape my work, of course.

Therefore, holism & an individual approach are very important to me.
This has always been missing in the 'system' - often I had the feeling that only the symptoms are treated. Always according to the same scheme.

My focus is that you find access to yourself again, your inner voice & what you really want. That you get back in touch with your emotions, learn to give them space, to hold them.
I place a lot of emphasis in my work on seeing you, on simply letting you be there, because that alone can bring about so much healing.

Are you already leading the self-determined, healthy and fulfilling life you desire?
Or do fears still inhibit you, do old beliefs or unconsciously adopted structures keep pulling you back like an invisible band and prevent you from living your dreams and visions?
I myself have feelings of inferiority and anxiety, up to and including panic attacks...
I was physically and psychologically burdened for decades and prevented from an independent life and the authentic expression of myself in many areas of life, until I was allowed to learn that I myself am the creator of my life.
Today I feel free and fulfilled and have the tools to deal with challenges.
I would be happy to accompany you in uncovering old things that no longer serve you, in releasing emotional blockages, in coming into your inherent power and clarity, so that you can courageously walk your unique heart's path in self-love.

Why do I never feel right? I try to do everything right and please everyone.
For a long time I lived in these patterns and completely lost sight of myself. My attention was always only on the outside. I could not feel my needs and certainly not articulate them.
I read a lot and understood connections. Only by experiencing, allowing all facets of myself and feeling all feelings, I found the way back to myself.
Today I have made peace with myself. I have finally arrived within myself.
I will gladly accompany you on your way back to yourself.

You want change in your life and yet you wake up every day in the same rut. Maybe because you think "I can't do that", "I'll do that later" or "Life is hard". Such thoughts have arisen in your past and still block you in your progress today. This does not have to be!

Imagine what would be possible if you could achieve everything you want in your life. When you open yourself to this thought, everything becomes possible. Are you ready to take control of your life and stop being a victim of your circumstances? I will be happy to support you in finding your true power and greatness.

Why me? Because I have great empathy, accept you as you are and you can trust me. Because I have also worked through issues such as lack of self-esteem, fear of loss and failure. So I know that you can achieve a lot if you open yourself to new ways.

Against the current. That feels so good today. To go my way. But that was not always the case.
When I was 18 months old, my mother died. I felt my childhood was a struggle and a great loneliness. I envied the others for their mothers.
When I was young, I found myself in the world of competitive sports. By then I had already started reading books by Clemens Maria Mohr, Vera F. Birkenbihl and Louise L. Hay to support myself. Mind and Move always remained a part of my life. With Greator Coaching I came so much closer to my potential.
Anyone can be happy. It is a choice.
I will gladly bring you into your radiance very close to yourself. In the independence of external factors.

Feel free to contact me. I am glad.

Your Silvia

Self-doubt and sabotaging thoughts are also your daily companions?

One of my biggest problems was that I was convinced for a very long time that work has to be hard and exhausting. As a result, I developed a perfectionism that I could not keep. Therefore, I had to find a way to get out of it!
By dealing with myself and with the help of coaching, I was able to learn where these blockages come from and how I can deal with them much better and easier than before.

I would be totally happy if we also get to know each other and I can accompany and support you on this path - and you too can finally find out who you are deep inside and become more and more the person you want to be and shape your life with confidence & ease and with more understanding for yourself.

All love,


From the head to the heart, from thinking to feeling - but how?
As an industrial engineer, I worked a lot until my body reported a serious illness at the age of 35. This was my turning point. My personality development started. During my training as a transformation therapist according to Robert Betz, my image of myself and of people was honestly examined and re-evaluated. As a result, I completely reoriented my life.
Since completing the Greator Coach, I have additionally succeeded in drawing more and more heart's desires and dreams into my life with the method of the "lying eight" and vision work.
What has changed? Today I have a positive feeling about myself and my job, live in a healthy body, love being a woman and live a harmonious and happy partnership.
The fascinating thing is that I was the one who illuminated her issues and changed, and through that, the outside was able to change as well.
You can do that too ūüôā

On the one hand, I work independently as a web designer/web hoster/IT expert, create websites especially for coaches and advise on all aspects of visibility on the internet.

On the other hand, my passion lies in personal coaching to lead people to themselves and to unfold themselves from the rising realization. The sustainable support in the resulting unfolding of potential in individual everyday life gives me great joy and fulfillment. All the great changes of my clients motivate and fulfill me deeply.

Mostly I work with people in a professional environment, especially self-employed / entrepreneurs in the coaching field. However, private client coaching is just as possible.

Let your vision define you and stop being held captive by your past - I will support you when you are ready for your personal growth.

Feel the fullness through the more(e)hr in you and don't see your sensitivity as a lack. Because the topic "high sensitivity" is for me a soul value.

People who feel neediness and vulnerability in their sensitivity, I can very well receive exactly there. I accompany them lovingly, so that they can find their way back into the Me(e)hr of possibilities.

This fills my heart with gratitude. Sensitivity is a strength and a gift that increases your self-esteem. Let me be your travel companion to discover your Me(e)hres.

My mantra for you:
"Stand up for yourself and be who you really are!"

As a working mother of twins, I know about the challenges, especially for women. I coach according to the method of the lying 8 and emTrace¬ģ. One of my greatest strengths is empathy. I coach in alignment with my core values (love, acceptance, connection) and completely according to your needs. I am very happy to accompany you to discover everything that is already inside you anyway!!! I give you the energy to take off, you learn to trust your own wings!

My calling is to accompany you in your issues around health, personal development, relationships, pregnancy and family and to support you in living the best version of yourself. My heart's desire for you is that you stand again strengthened and powerful in your inner center and at the same time feel more ease in everyday life and in your relationships. 

"Happiness is when the mind dances, the heart breathes and the eyes love".  

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Do you like to avoid conflicts and instead want to do everything right for everyone in harmony, but it doesn't work out? Is your self-confidence gnawing at you, are you driven by fears, do you lack the courage to step out of your comfort zone? Then we are on the same level. In the course of my personal development, especially in my life coach training, I was able to free myself from many of the burned-in beliefs. Found fun in new tasks and challenges again, discovered hidden abilities. So I didn't hesitate for long and completed the business coach training as well.

With you I would like to look at your challenges in the private, professional and personal area and, if necessary, pave new goals/paths for you.
In my work, the values of openness, trust, discretion and respectful interaction are very important to me. There is much more in you than you think! Do not react - act, become the initiator. I am looking forward to you!

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