I am pure love, share my light with the world & let people shine in it. My soul's mission is to infect as many people as possible with my love, energy & joie de vivre. Imagine someone gives you a smile, spreads out their arms, you can let yourself go & let go completely. Everything is allowed to be there, every emotion is welcome... How does that feel? I can offer you exactly this feeling by lovingly accompanying you & offering you a protected space that envelops you like a firm embrace.

Hi, how nice that you are interested in (re)discovering your own feelings. I myself was disconnected from mine for many years and found the cause of this, mainly thanks to my coach training. Now I see it as my task and calling to support you on your path to your emotions. Together we will find out why you find it difficult to get in touch with your emotional world. With a lot of heart and empathy, I will take you by the hand and accompany you, step by step, on your journey to yourself. You will feel yourself again and find your energy so that you can shape your life in a self-determined and free way.

In my experience, there are predominantly 3 issues that often lead to an imbalance in a person's life: you/health, family/relationship and job/finances. Whereby the area of you/health is at the top. If a person is out of balance in one of these areas, this is transferred to the other areas of life mentioned and leads to stress in the long term and often also to physical symptoms. I have therefore completed training courses on these three topics with world-renowned coaches in order to acquire all the knowledge I need and to be able to implement it successfully in my own life. I have bundled this knowledge and convey the most important aspects to my coachees here, so that they too have the opportunity to restore a balance between these 3 areas in their lives.

"My home is not a place, it is a state. A state of love" and that is exactly what I would like to remind you of in our encounter. We all have a mission on earth, however small it may be. Mine is this: To bring healing into the world through every encounter I am allowed to experience with people, animals or plants. In my coaching sessions, I am guided by my intuition and my soul. There will be no lack of authenticity, honesty, respect and humor.

I have come a long and often very dark way myself until I understood that I am the designer and director of my life. My greatest vision is that every person is grateful to be here NOW. In exactly their life, in their wonderful body and in this exciting time. In my coaching sessions, I take a very intuitive approach and work carefully with what is currently emerging. I love people and their stories and have no fear of dealing with difficult topics, because being touched is the most beautiful thing for me. My companions are my sense of humor, my sensitivity and my openness of heart. Thanks to my many years of experience in accompanying people, I have a treasure trove of tools that I can draw on. I particularly love vision work and immersing myself in my own silence. I am creative with words and thoughts and an enthusiastic problem solver. I look forward to hearing YOU and your story!

You are in the middle of a challenge and self-doubt, worries and fears dominate your everyday life. You feel stressed, are constantly tired and lack any life energy. Get to know yourself anew, dissolve negative beliefs, heal old wounds and make a new decision for your future. It's all about you - your journey to yourself - you are the focus of the coaching. I will accompany you mindfully and lovingly on your path to greater happiness. Step by step, we will explore your deepest desires, values and ideas. You will learn to listen more and more to the voice of your heart and follow it. I look forward to seeing you.

I myself know the feeling of always wanting to lose weight, "because then I'll be happy..." I always thought. However, diets were always followed by binge eating or the uncontrolled urge to eat was so great that I couldn't resist the temptation and thought "it doesn't matter now anyway, tomorrow again...". If you feel like this or something similar, I would be happy to help you escape the vicious circle of >> 1. resolutions - 2. discipline - 3. loss of control - 4. guilty conscience << So food is taking control of your life? Then I will explore with you what is REALLY the cause of your uncontrolled urge to eat in order to free you so that you can regain control of YOUR life. Because there are reasons why YOU sometimes can't stop eating. Small spoiler. It's not indiscipline ūüėČ

Do you know that your body keeps sending you sickness or pain? Do you want to finally understand the message of your body and transform old wounds and injuries in order to come into your whole beautiful authentic power? Through my years of work as a social pedagogue with a focus on trauma education, I can incorporate exactly this knowledge and experience into my coaching sessions. Just as I give needy children a home in my daily work, I can support you so that your wounded parts experience a home full of love, security and safety. In this way your body can also come to rest and your true being can blossom more and more. You will find your authentic power, through which you will feel more and more inner peace.

Find your guiding star! "Where do I want to go and how should it feel?" I accompany you on your way. Take the journey to yourself - I am your travel companion. Together we will find out where you are right now and why you are standing where you are. Partnership, marriage, job, overweight, underweight, body aches, tired, sad, desperate and sick? How could it come so far? And... How should it go on? I support you to grow independently. Together we identify the most important challenges of your life. In harmony with your body, mind and soul you will solve your life tasks with confidence and come into your vision. Your life will unfold before you fully, happily and healthily. You already carry all the solutions and answers within you - let us bring them into the light!

As your coach, I am extremely empathetic. Your feelings and thoughts are my focus and I am here to accompany and support you on your journey. I have experienced many hard strokes of fate myself and gained valuable knowledge from them that I would like to share with you. My empathy allows me to better understand your personal challenges and put myself in your shoes. Together we will find ways for you to deal with these challenges and grow from them. My coaching approach is based on a combination of empathy, understanding and a solid expertise. In our sessions, I offer you not only practical advice, but also a safe space where you can talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. We will work together to find customized solutions and create positive change in your life. I look forward to meeting you, your Corinna

In me you have a coach at your side, who accompanies you with a lot of life experience, empathy and intuition on your way to yourself. I love to witness how people get to know themselves in depth and develop further! From my own experience I know how beneficial it is to deal with one's own issues and old beliefs and to feel through old feelings with the help of the method of the lying eight, to transform them and to feel how easy life can feel with a new decision! And now I help other people go through life happier, loving themselves and listening to their intuition. I am a life coach because I want to support other people in their personal development and make the world a better place. Come with me on this exciting journey to yourself - I look forward to seeing you!

I have a lot of respect for your courage to face your issues and offer you here the space to open up and look at these issues and pacify associated emotions. This creates space for new things and allows you to deal with yourself more lovingly in the future and confidently live your desires and your own values. Our time together is your time. It is exclusively about you and your "de-evolution" and it is a great pleasure for me to be able to support you in this.

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