In over 20 years in the management and HR department of a large corporation, I have dealt with a wide variety of people and issues. They placed their trust in me and together we mastered conflicts, both in our professional and private lives. With the further training of the CHT technique and biological decoding, a successful program for women who want to live now was created. Since 2020, I have been supporting women in overcoming their limitations with their own abilities and thus creating a fulfilled life full of vitality. Through intensive feeling and logical understanding, the soul and the mind come together again and are thus in harmony again. My qualifications: Personality coach - Biological decoding - Cantor-Holistic-Touch - Channeling - Facilitator

My way of coaching is a combination of sensitivity and clarity. I love being able to accompany people on their journey to recognize their own potential and to observe how new paths emerge for them.

As a systemic coach and organizational developer (since 2002), I have experienced that there are numerous ideas for solutions and implementation for every challenge in every person and environment. I support you with my questions and suitable reflection tools (persolog profile) on the way to the necessary clarity and the utilization of these potentials. Your professional success and better interaction with your environment are at the center of this process.

With experience and passion, I help people to recognize limitations and overcome hurdles. I show you the big and small adjustments you can make to improve your interactions with others and make you an empathic and successful version of yourself. Learn to understand yourself and others better and see how much joy and energy functioning relationships bring into your life!

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