Maybe you want a new start or by a stroke of fate you are in a life crisis ? I support you to find your way and YES to life in all its facets again. I accompany you from a mix of life, work, health experiences. With the Greator method I bring you back to your potential and your power in an open-hearted, emphatic and appreciative way. Everything you want to be, everything you desire is already within you - you may rediscover it! I look forward to walking the path with you.

For many years I was in the "hamster wheel" and always had the feeling that I was not living my life. Through many strokes of fate and my tumor disease, I learned in my education, many training courses also in the field of Ayurveda, the power to activate my self-healing powers during the disease. Today I live the life I always wanted deep inside me and the path is not over yet.

Through my own journey and health history, I know the importance of boundaries and self-care.
Therefore it is important to me that you get in touch with yourself holistically and learn to take your needs and boundaries seriously.
Body, mind and soul are inseparable - which is why we include all 3 levels.
Empahtically, individually and intuitively I guide you through your deep process.
From the origin to the solution.

As a systemic therapist and Greator coach, I use various other methods besides the lying eight to bring you into radiance. I support you to find clarity, to discover who you really are and why you are here. Together we will find out what you need for a fulfilled life.
Always trivial to the outside world, I seldom lived up to my own expectations. For years I went through the valley of fear of loss and self-doubt. Until I decided to leave the role of victim and set out for a self-determined life.
If you also want to free yourself from your inner blockages and limitations and go your life self-determined and with ease, then I look forward to the most exciting journey with you - the journey to you.
With my open, warm and uncomplicated manner, I approach even difficult topics with ease.

Groundhog Day
Does that sound familiar?
Recurring situations in which you feel inferior, at the mercy of others, dissatisfied, paralyzed or even aggressive?
Do you know the constant pressure to perform, to prove yourself and the fear of failing or being judged? Or the self-critic?
I know it all too well and love to accompany YOU on your individual path of self-realization, so that you believe in yourself and your potential and feel it.
I would like to inspire and support you to recognize your thought and behavior patterns and if they are hindering, help you to dissolve them. The difficult life situations you meet through the guided affirmative feeling and acceptance of emotions new, with noticeable changes.
My strengths are empathy and sensitivity, as well as my conversational skills with targeted questioning techniques.
My specialties are pressure/overload, self-love/femininity, vision

Become the leader of your life!

When you wake up in the morning, you should be full of enthusiasm because you know that the day has wonderful things in store for you. Joie de vivre and lightness should define your life.

But WHY is it mostly not so? For that fears, doubts and worries determine our life. One attracts negative situations or has no more confidence in the future.

Do you know it?

Then I have now a GOOD news for you, you can CHANGE all this and the even BETTER, you already carry everything in you, what you need for it. Why do I know this? Because I went through life like this for a very long time and was able to change it. Which as a father of 3 and a leader, was a real challenge for me.

I want to help you with the method of the lying eight and all my life experience to become the person you want to be. That person who is unique and incredibly valuable in this world 🙂 .

lg. Martin

Glad you found my page
- Do you feel drained, overwhelmed or helpless in the face of your feelings?
- Do you want to get off the constantly recurring carousel of thoughts and live consciously and mindfully?
- Do you long for more lightness and joy of life, but currently feel, as I did for many years, often only a deep emptiness within you?
- Do you want to discover your full potential, your true self, instead of just functioning?
- Do you feel like recognizing what a loving, great being you are?

Are you ready for one of the most exciting journeys, the journey to yourself? Then I am very happy to be your travel companion and get to know you!
Yours Michaela 🙂

Life is a constant process of change. Hoped-for changes take place in many cases even without professional support. Mostly somehow and sometimes only at some point. You don't feel like "somehow" or "sometime" anymore? I will gladly support you in reaching your goal step by step and with more ease.

In my coaching sessions I offer you my expertise as a psychologist as well as my personal wealth of experience. I include the body as a valuable resource in the coaching process. This makes it possible for you to...
... Free yourself from blocking thought patterns
... Change obstructive behavior patterns
... make courageous decisions
... to bring dormant potentials to fruition
... strengthened to break new ground
... to tackle your goals with focus

Interest aroused? Then please contact me for a non-binding meeting. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sensitive, open, curious and always with a systemic attitude! Also through my basic pedagogical training and my other trainings I manage to pick up the coachee where he is at the moment and to work out together the support he needs at the moment.

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