I confidently and sensitively accompany people on their path to personal growth and success. I draw my know-how from a broad education in the UK, where I qualified as a Gestalt counsellor and psychotherapist for individual and group work at the renowned Gestalt Centre London. I gained valuable experience in my private practice in Brighton, Sussex. Since returning to Germany in 2017, I have brought my passion and expertise to bear as a counselor, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and coach in a variety of contexts. My main method, Gestalt therapy, is the foundation of my work. Additionally, I enrich my repertoire through my Greator training as a Big Five for Life Coach under the guidance of John Strelecky. With this, I open up new ways for people to recognize and pursue their true life goals. Together we create space for transformation and personal development.

As a (business) coach, I accompany you in your challenges in everyday work - whether employed or self-employed. I focus on the following topics:

- Relationship and conflict issues
- Personality development & self-worth
- Career / Shaping the future
- Stress management / work-life balance

... and many other topics that concern you personally.

I adapt to each coachee empathetically & individually - we work out your concrete goal, look at your topic from all angles, dissolve any emotional blocks and find out together how you can best solve your issue. We always end the coaching with recommendations for action tailored to you, so that you know exactly what steps to take next to get closer to your personal goal!

Feel free to contact me for a free get-to-know-you session!

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Love greetings


You as a coachee are at the center of my attention with everything that makes you VIP, because with my perception I am totally with you. You can let yourself fall and trust me and my guidance.

Take it from my coachees:
"Elisabeth was great as my coach. She accompanied me very lovingly and mindfully through the coaching session and intuitively asked exactly the right thing, guided me very well. I felt very well taken care of and safe with her. As a coach, I can really recommend Elisabeth, because her heart is with you and she has a very pleasant, approachable manner. She is a great role model for my own training as a coach". Heike

"My coaching with Elisabeth was very intensive. I felt in good hands at all times, as she had a very good feeling for me. It is unbelievable how a perspective can change in 1.5 hours. Dear Elisabeth, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support". Ramona

Growth | Impact | Resilience

As a business and life coach, I am passionate about helping technicians (engineers, scientists, computer scientists, ...) deal with the challenges that each individual faces. Helping them grow and become effective, recognized and balanced as leaders is what drives me. To motivate teams, develop high-performance teams and thus make the entire organization more effective and successful is my goal.

As a person, trusting and open cooperation is important to me. I like performance and result orientation, but fun and togetherness must not be missing in the work.

My drive is to build bridges for technicians and create real change through personal growth that gets results.

I stand for challenge and result orientation - as well as for empathy and fun.

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you had absolute clarity about your goals and vision, knew how to build a self-determined life, and were no longer afraid of change?
If you're not yet where you'd like to be in life, Greator coaching is for you now.
With our "lying 8" method, you will not only learn to better understand your current emotional world, but you will release deep and sabotaging beliefs in order to release life energy and joy. We use this energy to vision the gold version of your life and build anticipation for your future life.
Anticipation of the life you desire.
You take responsibility for yourself and your life without pressure, doubt and stress.
Together we tap into your natural creative power to take the first steps toward your dream life.
I am looking forward to seeing you!

It is my greatest concern to inspire you to be happy and to create the life that suits you and fulfills you to the ideal degree. I learned the tools and methods that support the path to yourself and ideal health on all levels at numerous seminars with the most renowned teachers, coaches, trainers and speakers. In addition, I decided to study a master's degree in psychology at the same time, which, in combination with my education and training, corresponded to my greatest passion: to find profound answers to all the questions about how you can become the best version of yourself and thus happy and lead a fulfilled life. My most important insights have always been how important it is to work through our past. And that only then can we get back in touch with our heart to listen to what our inner voice wants to tell us as the life compass of the soul. Because everything you need is in YOU.

At the core, I work with energy. My focus is on the initial emotional reaction as an entry point (releasing at the source). I see my task in letting the subconscious come into consciousness (through yourself), to sensitize you for your whole being and to give you helpful, everyday-friendly and effective implementation methods and tools to implement the desired change sustainably. I put the inner well-being and health of the human system in the center, ask instead of accept and accompany you gently, calmly, with full attention and non-judgmental through your coaching. The breath and the active "relaxation into it" as well as the use of the neuroplasticity of our system play a decisive role.

Together with you I create a space of trust, where you are allowed to be as you are with all your baggage. With empathy I meet you and your challenges to provide clarity about possible solutions. As a basis we use the method of the lying eight

To release your energy suckers we bring you into your subconscious and work uncovering. The gained clarity empowers you to create your life as a creator.

I am very happy to be your companion on this journey.

Nice that there is dense!

Do you ever wonder if that's all there is? Welcome to the club. I woke up one day and felt like I was in the wrong life. I decided enough was enough and started creating my life my way. It was a complete new beginning for me. Today I live a life completely according to my ideas and I am infinitely grateful for that.

My mission is to help you reach your next level privately and/or professionally. In coaching with me you gain clarity about your (partial) goals, your why and how you get into action. Together we empower you to walk this new path full of energy and ease. You learn to listen to your inner voice and to make courageous decisions. Your time is now!

Book a free Discovery Session on my website and discover what I can do for you.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Yours Yvonne

"It can't go on like this, something has to change...I just don't know what and more importantly how!"

Your relationship is a daily grind, your sex life is dormant, and all you do is function: as a wife, as a mom, as a best friend, and at work. Your day consists of to-do lists, high expectations of you and your attempt to live up to them all.

But something falls by the wayside: YOU and YOUR needs!

Does this sound familiar to you, or something like it?
In exactly these situations I am there for you! And I do so at eye level, without judgment, in a trusting, protected setting. It is especially important to me to respect the person sitting across from me and their very individual situation and life experience. To pick you up exactly where you are and to accompany you on your path - a path towards love, self-realization and a fulfilling relationship - that is what matters to me.
Your time for this is right NOW

We often spend far too much time making excuses for not taking enough care of ourselves. We are dissatisfied with the NOW, but hold on to our job or our relationship because it seems safe. Maybe also because everything outside looks so big and unpredictable. I know exactly this feeling, but in the same way I know this small, inner spark that makes us feel every day that this was not everything yet.

Changes in life only come through changes. Changes in routines, life attitudes, beliefs and visions. Let us initiate these changes in your life to feel the spark again. My coaching offers you a neutral, safe space for self-reflection and personal development. I would like to support you in your stage and accompany you in finding new perspectives and attitudes towards life. The motto is: Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary.

Get out of dependence on the outside & into self-care!

You can only pass on what you have experienced yourself. I know how it feels to live in austerity with myself and in dependence on the outside --> eating disorder, self-hatred, people pleasing, perfectionism & pressure to perform....

I found a way out of this hell for me and today I live a life beyond my best imagination 🥳 Today I have my dream job, live in peace with food & my body and I am my very biggest fan 💕

Through my toolbox of sound scientific methods and personal experience, I lovingly support you in dissolving deep-seated beliefs & blocks that prevent you from looking forward and living your full potential.

Life is too short to keep you permanently small, sis! There is soooo much more waiting for you out there 🚀

I look forward to seeing you!

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