As a coach, I am first and foremost very emphatic and listen to you carefully.
Through my structured approach, we quickly bring order to your chaotic thoughts and feelings.
Together we identify the problem and find a customized solution for you.
Whether it's a lack of confidence or a lack of organization, we'll find the perfect way for you.
So that you can implement your ideas and finally realize your projects and dreams.

I was 17 years young when I got the call in October 2004 "your brother was in a serious car accident, we don't know if he will survive".
I didn't know then that my life would never be the same again. I lost the ground under my feet, I was at home for a decade in victimhood, grief and NO (to loss). I only identified myself as the one who lost her big brother. I was trapped in that identity. I no longer had any joy in life and no idea how to go on.
After I have dealt with myself and the loss and have gone the way of acceptance and letting go, it is now an absolute matter of the heart to me to support other people with this topic. If you find yourself here, then I will accompany you empathically and lovingly on your path, so that you too can transform your loss into more joy of life and ease.

I look forward to seeing you!

I always strive for balance as I see it as the key to a happy life.
We look together what you are missing, how you can give it to yourself and what you need to live a happy life.

From my point of view it is important to be able to integrate routines in your daily life which support you to get closer to your vision.
Many can start, but unfortunately few stick with it.
A motto of mine: Try to understand before you want to be understood.
Communication with yourself and with the outside world decides a lot about how you go through life.

Hello you wonderful soul

I am an expert in body love, body acceptance and self-worth.
I will help you to feel comfortable in your own body again. Because your body is your home and you will not get another. You will learn with me how you can recognize your own beauty, because each of us is beautiful in its own way, only we sometimes forget that. We are often caught in comparison with others, and thus no longer see our beautiful uniqueness. Together we will change that and you will discover sides of you that you didn't even know existed and that these sides are your specialness. You will also learn how to listen to your own voice again and thus know exactly what your body really needs now. Because your body is your home and deserves to be loved and cared for.


Born on 18.3.1958, grew up well protected in the circle of an intact family.
And yet there were always the moments of depressive moods.
I have lived my life successfully on different stages, as a family woman, as a teacher of pubescents and as a home director in a house for young people, I have supported, accompanied, organized, helped, was always there for everyone else and I myself withered away in the process. My most courageous step was to stand by myself, to say YES to myself, combined with the fear of losing everyone else.
A voice inside me grew louder and louder, saying, there is still something there. And so I set out, saying goodbye to autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism, celiac disease and tinnitus, with the feeling through of the underlying emotion.
For me, the work as a GreatorCoach is so meaningful because it brings people into their true greatness. I also like to offer my coaching sessions on my alp in Switzerland.

As a systemic therapist and Greator coach, I use various other methods besides the lying eight to bring you into radiance. I support you to find clarity, to discover who you really are and why you are here. Together we will find out what you need for a fulfilled life.
Always trivial to the outside world, I seldom lived up to my own expectations. For years I went through the valley of fear of loss and self-doubt. Until I decided to leave the role of victim and set out for a self-determined life.
If you also want to free yourself from your inner blockages and limitations and go your life self-determined and with ease, then I look forward to the most exciting journey with you - the journey to you.
With my open, warm and uncomplicated manner, I approach even difficult topics with ease.

Groundhog Day
Does that sound familiar?
Recurring situations in which you feel inferior, at the mercy of others, dissatisfied, paralyzed or even aggressive?
Do you know the constant pressure to perform, to prove yourself and the fear of failing or being judged? Or the self-critic?
I know it all too well and love to accompany YOU on your individual path of self-realization, so that you believe in yourself and your potential and feel it.
I would like to inspire and support you to recognize your thought and behavior patterns and if they are hindering, help you to dissolve them. The difficult life situations you meet through the guided affirmative feeling and acceptance of emotions new, with noticeable changes.
My strengths are empathy and sensitivity, as well as my conversational skills with targeted questioning techniques.
My specialties are pressure/overload, self-love/femininity, vision

Do you often feel incomplete, tired and often blocked? Are you tired of failing again and again because of the same mistakes?

Thanks to my training as a life coach, I was able to recognize, address and resolve my recurring issues. To do this, I had to leave my comfort zone, recognize and dissolve blockages and old beliefs, and be very patient with myself.
Today, however, I am in my center and can lead a happy, relaxed and contented life according to my ideas despite stressful everyday life.

Do you also want more from life and are ready for your path, the path to you, but do not yet know how?
I can help you find that path and guide and coach you along the way.

You are welcome to contact me for a first non-binding conversation.

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