Through my own journey and health history, I know the importance of boundaries and self-care.
Therefore it is important to me that you get in touch with yourself holistically and learn to take your needs and boundaries seriously.
Body, mind and soul are inseparable - which is why we include all 3 levels.
Empahtically, individually and intuitively I guide you through your deep process.
From the origin to the solution.

My journey began in 2017 after my marriage broke up (for now).
After that, my wife and I "felt" that we always wanted to find a better way for us and our 3 children. Between our love for each other were hurdles which we did not know and alone could not clear out of the way.
In this very difficult situation, we agreed amazingly quickly that we needed help and also wanted to accept it.
Through our couples therapist, a personal recommendation, Robert Betz and literature, we found our way to Christina and Walter of "Heart Over Head" (Greator).
The two of them showed us very quickly what our separation has to do with ourselves and not only with each other.
After all, that's always the easy way....
Blaming "everything" on your partner is easier than asking yourself "what does all this have to do with me?"
Quickly we were both working on our own issues: long lived, learned ode

For years I gave my all in my job and family (patchwork). In my spare time I studied for a degree in wellness training and learned a lot about the body and relaxation, but I never allowed myself to stop and take a breath. Until 6 years ago when I was abruptly ripped out of life by my body saying STOP (stroke). There began my journey to myself, now I had time to apply all my knowledge about blockages in the energy flow of the body to myself. I was allowed to become aware of feelings that I had always suppressed (e.g. anger), which among other things was also the cause of my illness, so healing could take place. Now as a Master Inspirations Coach I was able to bring more lightness and joy into my life with the method of the "Lying Eight". I am very happy to be able to accompany you on your path.

I am Manuela, coach & mentor with heart and support you to overcome your fears, worries and doubts and to develop your vision for your dream life that fits YOU and makes YOU happy.

I believe that each of us has the ability to free ourselves from our fears and live the life we want. I too have walked this path out of my unhealthy fears myself and after almost 30 years of an anxiety career, I can understand you all too well. And yes, you can do it too! Maybe you still lack the confidence in yourself and the clarity on how to achieve it? Then let's talk, because this is exactly where my coaching & mentoring comes in.

As an experienced coach, I am very happy to accompany you on your journey to the life you love!

Whenever you are ready, feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

Always remember: You are so much more than your fears, worries and doubts!

As a coach, I am first and foremost very emphatic and listen to you carefully.
Through my structured approach, we quickly bring order to your chaotic thoughts and feelings.
Together we identify the problem and find a customized solution for you.
Whether it's a lack of confidence or a lack of organization, we'll find the perfect way for you.
So that you can implement your ideas and finally realize your projects and dreams.

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