I am a self-love coach because I have experienced on my own journey that I am SELF love.
I found out about my fear and understood that fear is not evil, but was my own protection that I created. Today I am allowed to reach love with my fear and thus I create more and more trust in myself, in life and in relationships. I will gladly take you by the hand and accompany you from your fear, courageously into love, into trust.

As a (business) coach, I accompany you in your challenges in everyday work - whether employed or self-employed. I focus on the following topics:

- Relationship and conflict issues
- Personality development & self-worth
- Career / Shaping the future
- Stress management / work-life balance

... and many other topics that concern you personally.

I adapt to each coachee empathetically & individually - we work out your concrete goal, look at your topic from all angles, dissolve any emotional blocks and find out together how you can best solve your issue. We always end the coaching with recommendations for action tailored to you, so that you know exactly what steps to take next to get closer to your personal goal!

Feel free to contact me for a free get-to-know-you session!

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Love greetings


You as a coachee are at the center of my attention with everything that makes you VIP, because with my perception I am totally with you. You can let yourself fall and trust me and my guidance.

Take it from my coachees:
"Elisabeth was great as my coach. She accompanied me very lovingly and mindfully through the coaching session and intuitively asked exactly the right thing, guided me very well. I felt very well taken care of and safe with her. As a coach, I can really recommend Elisabeth, because her heart is with you and she has a very pleasant, approachable manner. She is a great role model for my own training as a coach". Heike

"My coaching with Elisabeth was very intensive. I felt in good hands at all times, as she had a very good feeling for me. It is unbelievable how a perspective can change in 1.5 hours. Dear Elisabeth, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support". Ramona

I have been severely visually impaired since birth, which means that I can recognize things in everyday life rather poorly or not at all. This could also be described as "blind spots".
Did you know that we all have such "blind spots" in our subconscious? These are responsible for the fact that we, for example, do not achieve goals or wishes, always act the same way or feel lacking in energy in everyday life.
Are you dissatisfied in your life or feel little fulfillment? Then I help you to gain a clear view, in which you discover and dissolve your emotional "blind spots" with my accompaniment. You get clarity, reconnect with yourself, learn to love and trust yourself to overcome limitations.
Since I myself know what it is like to have a limitation and to cope with everyday life, you can also turn to me with confidence in these matters, because I will show you the tolerance and empathy that you need.

We are all somehow looking for that warm feeling of arriving, of finally being satisfied and valuable - but we often look for it in the wrong place.
If you are also looking for it, let's find back to YOU together, because this is the place where you will find exactly that. To stand up for yourself, it is important to know, see and love yourself. Therein lies our greatest potential, our unique strength. All of this is already slumbering inside of you and is just waiting to finally be allowed to show itself. Get back in touch with yourself and finally stand up for yourself at work, with friends, in relationships and with your family.

Those who understand themselves better can actively shape their lives. This thought motivates me a lot. I myself have experienced how much changes when you set out on the path to yourself. I am convinced that this will also be the case for you. My name is Sabine Heinrich and I am a systemic coach for Enneagram, Triad coach, Greator coach and communication trainer. I love to discover and develop myself every day. My great desire is that I can help you to know yourself and then in the next step to be able to recognize and communicate your needs. You learn to accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. I am also happy to work with you in a strength-oriented way. If you want more ease in your life and in your relationships, then contact me. I look forward to meeting you

This is what my clients, colleagues and loved ones say about me:

Empathic, sensitive, perceptive, present, soulful, spacious, powerful, energetic, clear, creative, open, warm, sensitive, loving, imaginative, mediumistic, connected.

Sarah's empathic and highly sensitive approach is fascinating. Through her mediumistic abilities she recognizes blockages of a physical or spiritual nature. She easily and safely switches diverse levels of consciousness. This reveals her clear, pure & powerful connection to the highest. In her presence, mental energy blockages, mental traumas dissolve and are transformed. Healing & harmonization happens on a spiritual-body-soul level. Her expanded focus allows her to see very well the things behind the apparent circumstances. The impulses that come from Sarah are warm, warm, clear, precise and open levels in people.

At the core, I work with energy. My focus is on the initial emotional reaction as an entry point (releasing at the source). I see my task in letting the subconscious come into consciousness (through yourself), to sensitize you for your whole being and to give you helpful, everyday-friendly and effective implementation methods and tools to implement the desired change sustainably. I put the inner well-being and health of the human system in the center, ask instead of accept and accompany you gently, calmly, with full attention and non-judgmental through your coaching. The breath and the active "relaxation into it" as well as the use of the neuroplasticity of our system play a decisive role.

Hello, nice to have you here. My name is Grit, I am 51 years old, have a thirty year old son and enjoy a happy relationship. My journey of self-knowledge and growth began 10 years ago. At that time, a burnout forced me to radically rethink my life. This painful turning point was also the greatest gift of my life. I gathered a lot of experiences and dealt with personality development, potential development, happiness research and psychology and found sustainable answers to create a self-determined and content life, in love with myself. Are you also on a journey to yourself and want to find out what potential you have inside? Then I am happy to accompany you as a Greator-Coach. Discover with me your true personality, gain new strength and courage to go your own way, recognize old patterns, beliefs and limitations, dissolve them and let go.

hi, i'm doreen. i'm an emotion coach with human design vibes.

my motto in life: "it is what it is."

as a social worker with 13 years of experience in working with psychologically stressed people, i know how great the need for relieving professional conversations is. coaching can be a wonderful way to meet this need.

three questions i will always ask you:
1. do you really think you have a choice?
2. who or what part of you currently decides what you do or do not do?
3. when you reach the end of your life - what would you hope to have done on that day - today?

in order to bring about change, we must be aware that there is a space between stimulus and reaction that gives us the freedom to choose. this is where self-responsibility arises. this is where we find our feelings and arrive at our state of being.

in love and serenity,
your doreen

My calling is to help you regain your inner balance, especially during the challenging times of menopause. With my empathy, personal experience and deep understanding of the emotional impact of this important phase of life, I support you in recognizing and letting go of old habits and beliefs. You learn to love yourself, to value yourself and to answer your own question about the meaning of your life. We will focus on the values you want to live. Look forward to a deep journey full of wonder to yourself and a fulfilled happy life.

As you are, you are right and valuable. Do you nevertheless reject some qualities from yourself? Do you sometimes think that you are not enough? Do you feel stressed, misunderstood or not seen? Does your everyday life cost you a lot of energy and do you long for lightness, love and more fulfillment in life? I would be happy to accompany and support you in finding all this within yourself. Everything is already there and waiting to be discovered.

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