Maybe you want a new start or by a stroke of fate you are in a life crisis ? I support you to find your way and YES to life in all its facets again. I accompany you from a mix of life, work, health experiences. With the Greator method I bring you back to your potential and your power in an open-hearted, emphatic and appreciative way. Everything you want to be, everything you desire is already within you - you may rediscover it! I look forward to walking the path with you.

For many years I was in the "hamster wheel" and always had the feeling that I was not living my life. Through many strokes of fate and my tumor disease, I learned in my education, many training courses also in the field of Ayurveda, the power to activate my self-healing powers during the disease. Today I live the life I always wanted deep inside me and the path is not over yet.

No matter where we are at the moment, whether in partnership or family, single or separated, in job or social relationships, in health or illness: situations can occur everywhere that feel unpleasant to unbearable without us knowing exactly how to deal with them.
Feelings challenge us. And so, about 20 years ago, I also set out to look for and find solutions to what was taking my breath away. It took me a long time to realize that the much too little love for myself was my share, which I was allowed to take care of step by step more. But how does it come about and how do we get it changed?
No matter where you stand: I will accompany you through any pain and unpleasant feeling, no matter how deep, to transform it and it into joy. A warm welcome! I am gladly there for you, Yours Ulrike

Down-to-earth, profound, clear

In the hustle and bustle of our world, we sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed, afraid and lose our sense of purpose.
I will help you to detach from the hustle and bustle, to listen to yourself, to feel and to release your tension.
You'll find your way and with the deep-rooted feeling of satisfaction and confidence to hit the ground running again.

Are you looking for a coach who can sense your challenges from the first impression?
Are you still afraid of opening up? Then you've come to the right place. As a long-time style consultant, I see and feel your needs very quickly. My own path as a highly sensitive person has taught me this already as a child. This is of course a quality that is very beneficial to the coach. So it is not necessary to tell everything in detail, but can work through the feelings. Because I was allowed to experience valleys and strong emotional moments myself in my life, they don't scare me in a counterpart. You can let yourself fall and I will guide you to the new you.
I am very much looking forward to our collaboration on your transformation process.
Your Vivien

... are the words that burst out of me at the age of 50.
For 30 years I worked as a pedagogue in different socio-pedagogical areas. Areas active,
until I reached my turning point.
I felt that my body was working & my soul was waiting for better times at home.
There was hardly any joy left in my life. I (single parent) was always with organization,
Obligations, structure, household, etc. busy & had the feeling to be on the road only in the head.
I was jaded & just functioning.
When my body then sent me unmistakable signals that I could no longer ignore,
I set out & looked for help. With Greator began an incredible process of change:
deep healing & mega growth - which I never thought was possible.
Finally reconnected with ME, fulfillment on my soul's path.
From the head back to the heart-
That is exactly what I would like to pass on to YOU.

I possess a natural, self-evident warmth and a great willingness to give. I am connected to everything around me and my heart is in it. I am good at recognizing and responding to other people's needs.

I want to train you in self-coaching strategies to make your world a peaceful place. My impulses will help you to leave your comfort zone. This may throw you off balance at first, but will ultimately motivate you and bring about a wonderful change in your life.

I am the right coach for you if you are looking for a person who brings you back to the essential and encourages you to find your own definition of success. I am your companion to your self-awareness, into your inner healing and into a new direction towards contentment.

If you are in the process of questioning your life, your relationship or your job, want to turn off your dissatisfaction, can no longer stand your stagnation, then you are exactly right here with me. You finally want to change something, but you don't know what. Life could be so beautiful, if... Go for it!

I am happy to support you with all my know-how and additional trainings (TCP, LTC) that I have gone through and am completing. Because change is part of life. Life wants to grow!

With the coaching you become aware of your stressful thoughts and feelings and can transform them into positive energy. With a feeling of joy and gratitude it becomes possible to start into a new future.

Empathically, with empathy, I accompany you competently and with reliable guidance through your issues. In doing so, I respectfully meet you at eye level. You can make a new decision for yourself and bring your vision into life.

Have you forgotten to listen to your heart voice, your inner wisdom?
Is your head too loud and drowning out your heart voice with fears, doubts and "you must" phrases?
Are you often on the outside taking care of your job, family and friends and forgetting about yourself?
If you want to dissolve your beliefs, live your vision and find more self-love and mindfulness, I would be happy to accompany you.
Don't wait until your back is against the wall.
Make a new decision out of love for yourself and bring your radiance into the world!
Everything is inside you!
It's in you!

"I am the truth!"

I support you to discover that your cycle is more than your period.
To make your life and work cycle-oriented and to heal wounds that still prevent you from using your superpowers.
Together we look at where you are on your own individual path and reconnect with your natural needs and strengths.

A person is in balance when his or her need for connectedness and security as well as for growth, freedom and creative possibilities are satisfied.

Becoming a mother has brought me very much to my limits. At first I was not in my center - but: It has brought me on the wonderful path of personal development / spirituality. And for that I am very grateful.

Children are an incredible mirror. Here lies the great potential for growth for each of us. I am happy to be able to accompany you in this process!

My trainings as a Systemic and Life Coach, as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher as well as in Human Design and High Sensitivity are a colorful toolbox that enables me to show you your full potential and to accompany you holistically through "body and mind work".

Hey you, do you feel that deep inside you is a completely different person than the one you often are in your life? Do you feel like you have to please everyone and give up your own desires? Do you sometimes not dare to be yourself? Then it is high time that you can finally be the person you actually are and want to be! And you can, I am absolutely sure. How do I know that? If someone had told me back then what I would master and create one day, I would not have believed it either. But today I know that it is true. You too can manage to be in your life as you are without having to pretend, to confidently follow your needs and finally to be able to support others in mastering their lives. You just need to know how. Let's go on this journey together. With soothing serenity and infinite love for yourself, it will be easy. I look forward to getting to know you

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